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Fitness Industry Testing and QA

Putting the Finesse in Fitness

The digital fitness space is rapidly evolving–gone are the days of aerobics on VHS and hard-to-schedule personal trainers. Now, people are looking to their home gyms, digital trainers, and apps to help them achieve their fitness goals. While users embrace new ways to improve their health, tolerance for a lackluster user experience and buggy applications is low. Fortunately, QualityLogic has worked with the largest fitness brands in the U.S. to provide QA testing services.

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4 Ways to Fit: Movement Software and How We Test It

Fitness products tend to be highly specialized and–just your luck–right in our wheelhouse. QualityLogic offers a breadth of comprehensive software testing, evaluating elements like:

Gesture and Voice Input

Fitness wearables typically involve some variety of biosensor, which monitors a person’s vitals, activity, etc. to provide data or recommendations. Using a combination of test methods, we make sure these apps are up to the challenge.

Efficiency and Errors

Modern fitness equipment frequently comes with accompanying software, which must function at optimal levels. QualityLogic utilizes a team of QA engineers working together to ensure top to bottom testing.

Connectivity and Integrations

Equipment like rentable community scooters is popping up across the world, but with inadequate software, these programs and devices struggle, creating user headaches. QualityLogic combines testing services to offer thorough evaluation, integration, and connectivity on the go.

Permissions and Reliability

Fitness centers often utilize gym software for scheduling multiple programs, renting out space, and even scanning visitors in. We provide test solutions for gym software, wearables, digital equipment, and more, testing your apps for scalability, functionality, digital accessibility, and more, ensuring everyone has reliable access.

Focused Fitness: Our Approach

No two industries are exactly alike, and the QA teams at QualityLogic know this. We specialize in identifying the right approach to meet your needs and implementing a testing strategy that gets your fitness products to market quickly. Our considerations include:

  • New technology, which is common in the fitness space, often comes with unknowns. We’ll work to learn the ins and outs of your software, identifying bugs before you launch.
  • Concerned about security? We know that new fitness products depend on proprietary information, and we’ll work to ensure you receive QA testing under lock and key. All our testing is done in the U.S.
  • We prioritize user experience, which is crucial in fitness apps. By putting your user first, we help provide the tools you need to offer an optimal experience.

Ready to Get Moving?

From scooters and recumbent bikes to fitness wearables and machine software, QualityLogic specializes in QA testing in the fitness space. Let’s talk about how we can help you.

Their entire team is professional, knowledgeable, and willing to go the extra mile—we consider them a partner.
Matt Dee, CTO Direct Care Innovations