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Streaming Media and OTT Testing

Streaming Media and OTT Testing at a Whole New Level

The wide range of OTT devices in use today presents an ongoing challenge to your development team. Your service and products are judged by their user experience and streaming consistency, so seamless delivery of content is critical. QualityLogic makes sure your software is ready for the challenge with our state-of-the-art OTT testing.

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We’ll Identify System Defects Before Your Customers Do

Test Engineering

We are experts at translating your specifications into functional test cases that exercise all your system features.

Extensive Platform Array

We test your software on a large variety of OTT platforms: Android TVs, AppleTV Generations 2/3/4, Roku, FireTV, Xbox360 and more.

Video Aspects

Be sure your video playback is smooth with high image quality, adapts to available bandwidth and recovers from network interruptions.

Testing from a User’s Perspective

We’ll verify that stream accessibility, audio track synchronization and separation, and user pause, resume and seek all function flawlessly.

Successful Video Delivery Requires Smart, Exhaustive OTT Testing

QualityLogic generates an extensive array of test cases from your functional specs to verify every aspect of your product:

  • Precision verification of the design specification against actual app features
  • Generation of a test plan with cases that address every feature against exacting success requirements
  • Distribution of tests over a wide range of OS/platform combinations to ensure functionality is verified in the software and at the system level
  • Immediate reporting of test results through your test management and defect tracking system
  • Working defect regression directly with your engineering team
Seriously, you guys are lifesavers.
Engineering Manager, Major Media Company

Safeguard Your Brand with Smart Software QA & Testing

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