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FinTech Product Testing and QA Services

Put Your (QA) Money Where Your Mouth Is

Your customers rely on you for FinTech solutions that they can count on and have little to no patience for buggy platforms or websites. QualityLogic provides QA testing to some of the most innovative FinTech companies out there, so we understand the need to deliver reliable, accessible FinTech products to your customer base. We prioritize functionality, usability, and digital accessibility, ensuring your apps deliver a user-friendly experience from beginning to end.

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FinTech Testing: Our Approach

QualityLogic’s QA testing improves the quality of FinTech products with complete test coverage, providing excellent performance, reliability, and compatibility. Managing confidential user data like social security numbers, credit cards, and other sensitive information requires highly accurate software, which comes from robust QA testing, which involves:

QA Strategy and Test Planning

First, we work together with you to understand your existing testing strategy and methodology. This helps provide a roadmap for ensuring that your FinTech software meets all specifications and requirements.

Manual and Functional Testing

If your user swipes their credit card using your device, will it work? What happens if they navigate backward on your app? Our team of QA test technicians will focus on testing your software or hardware using the defined specifications we work together on creating.

Test Automation and CI/CD Integration

Is it possible to improve the efficiency of your FinTech testing program using test automation? Our QA Engineering team can help get rid of repetitive tasks for wider test coverage, fewer human errors, and faster time to market.

Load Testing

Essential in the QA process for FinTech applications, load testing ensures that complex sites will not break under high traffic. It also identifies potential bottlenecks in data flow.

Healthy, Wealthy, and Wise: Considerations for FinTech Software Testing

As the FinTech industry pushes the envelope every day with new ideas and programs, the need for effective QA expands just as rapidly. But due to the highly specialized nature of the industry, FinTech products may require QA testing from a team that intimately understands the nuances of the industry. In addition to confidentiality and privacy requirements, considerations include:

  • Sophisticated customer database demanding more robust features
  • Accessibility testing that ensures widely available and usable product
  • Higher processing speeds to handle user requests, multilevel functionality, and transaction processing 
  • Frequent changes to financial legislation necessitate continued maintenance and knowledge

QualityLogic has worked with some of the biggest names in the FinTech industry. Are you next?

They’re great at telling us what they’re trying to deliver. In a lot of ways, their work is our rock as we undergo massive shifts as a company over the last few months. Their output is the most solid piece that helps direct everything else around it.
Scott Shea, QA Manager P.volve