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Accessing it shouldn’t be. 

Building a QA team for healthcare services doesn’t just happen overnight. It takes skilled teams well-versed in manual and automated testing processes.

Enter QualityLogic. Our skilled team of QA professionals provides the expertise to administer manual and automated testing strategies, ensuring casualty-free software releases. We’re dedicated to supporting the software that supports your care. Whether you’re looking to test the functionality of an appointment scheduling service, searching for critical bugs in precision medical devices, or are looking to transform an existing QA team, we’ve got your back.

We’re Here to Help

Don’t Compromise On Quality Assurance in Healthcare

There is no room for error in healthcare software. From data breaches that undermine HIPAA compliance to buggy software that prevents patient access and faulty devices that can lead to life-threatening complications, the stakes are higher in healthcare. 

That’s why it’s crucial to partner with an experienced company that can test for every possibility. That’s why healthcare companies have chosen QualityLogic to provide medical device QA and medical software testing. As a leading software testing company, we provide QA resources that meet your high standards. We guarantee it.

Privacy Is Always a Priority

Don’t let privacy or HIPAA concerns stand in the way of a successful software release.  

As one of the most trusted QA companies, we take every precaution to ensure your peace of mind. QualityLogic is SOC 2 compliant, and we align our security plans and protocols with the strict NIST security framework.

Our testing facilities are well-protected and secure from physical or virtual intrusion and compromise. Every software testing lab has safety features such as key-card access, intrusion detection and alarms, and cameras for monitoring. Your customers’ sensitive records and other important security information will never be at risk of an overseas data breach.

Our operations are based in the United States, which means your data will always be kept securely within the country.

Work With Full-Time, U.S.-Based Testers

Secure onshore testing by dedicated in-house employees

  • No overseas contractors or part-time testers 
  • Full-time QA team  located entirely within the United States 
  • Offices in Idaho, California, and Oklahoma to ensure  seamless  communications across time zones
  • Employees undergo rigorous interviews, background checks, and drug testing

Committed QA teams with education and experience

  • Talented, qualified testers who align with our cultural values
  • A strong, promote-from-within culture means experienced teams that understand your needs and concerns 
  • Testers who devote themselves to your project without interruption while maximizing collaboration and feedback
  • Committed to transformative standards of communication and software testing excellence

Discover Tailored Solutions

We know there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to QA, and we won’t force you into a box. QualityLogic customizes each testing program to meet your needs. Whether you need an automation testing program or testing for IoT medical devices, we’ll design an approach that makes sense for you. After nearly 40 years in the QA business, we’ve created made-to-measure QA solutions for countless clients in the healthcare industry.

Work With a Dedicated Team

Avoid operational costs and payroll responsibilities by engaging with a leading software testing partner. We’ll assemble the right team for your project consisting of in-house, dedicated FTEs integrated with your team, leaving you free to do your job. 

Leverage Our Extensive Technology and Service Capabilities

Easy use across multiple devices is more important than ever, thanks to the rise in telehealth and online medical services. QualityLogic conducts testing across numerous configurations of operating systems, browsers, and devices to assess compatibility. Configurations are tested concurrently for efficiency and to give a wider view of the product, so when defects are discovered, they can immediately be checked across other browsers and devices for verification. We maintain a device library of 1,300+ devices, including mobile phones and tablets, across a wide range of models and resolutions. 

Partner With the Best

As the largest pure-play testing company in the United States — and one of the most trusted onshore QA companies — we have experience that other software testing for healthcare industry companies simply can’t match. We have worked on more than 6,000 successful QA programs and have earned a 98% satisfaction rating from our customers.

Explore Our Healthcare

Software Testing & QA Solutions

QualityLogic’s functional testing experts integrate with your existing team to test the product early in the software development life cycle. You’ll prevent and detect defects from the start so you can reduce your testing costs, rework expenses, and improve software quality.

Is your user interface logical and intuitive? QualityLogic’s experienced UX test technicians verify interface operations, check that each control does what is expected, and ensure all elements of the UI are in a location and format the user expects.

We’ll work with you to understand your existing testing strategy and methodology, then provide a roadmap to ensure your software meets all specifications and requirements.

How will your product perform in the hands of an everyday user? Our manual testing services may require more effort upfront, but the peace of mind they provide is invaluable. 

A strong automation testing strategy can maximize the efficiency of your healthcare testing program. QualityLogic’s QA Engineering team will eliminate repetitive tasks for broader test coverage, fewer human errors, and faster time to market. 

Load Testing

Load testing not only ensures that complex sites will not break under high traffic, but it identifies potential bottlenecks in data flow. 

Accessibility Testing

Accessibility is a fundamental human right — and an essential feature in the healthcare technology space. We help ensure your web and mobile products are accessible and WCAG compliant while improving the user experience. 

Our Methodology

Dependable, Accessible Solution

Healthcare tech is changing rapidly. Is your company prepared to keep up? Leverage QualityLogic’s services to fit your needs now and in the future with budget in mind, including testing and strategies to speed your product to market.


Discover your product’s true ROI and effectiveness with manual and automation regression testing. Our evaluation services include detailed analyses of your code preparedness and highest impact areas. 


QualityLogic will collaborate with your organization to recommend a strategy for test automation, including test automation tools and frameworks, test case priority, and additional sustainability considerations. We prioritize tools and frameworks with high stability, test parallelization, and other capabilities suited to test requirements.

Tool and Framework Selection

We utilize the framework and language your clients are most comfortable using for easier long-term maintenance.

Test Case Prioritization

During test case automation, our team will focus on functional tests and critical user flow path test cases to establish effective smoke tests and regression tests. During more advanced regression testing, we’ll laser in on edge, negative, and less critical test case end-to-end workflows to improve coverage. Any negative tests or less critical workflows will be automated (as appropriate).

Continuous Testing

We embed manual and automated test resources with a suite of applications to build expertise with the applications and user scenario workflows. We can work with your DevOps engineers to integrate automation within your CI/CD pipeline to ensure automated test cases are created as functionality is implemented, allowing automation to exist as code is released.

What Our Healthcare Clients Say

Discover why major healthcare tech companies like SleepScore, Chordline Health, Visualutions, Wellsky, StudyKIK, and Direct Care Innovations have relied on QualityLogic to provide impeccable QA services. When you work with QualityLogic, you can send your product to market with a clean bill of health.

98% approval rating*

Renowned for reliability and the ability to outperform other software and medical device QA companies, QualityLogic helps ensure maximum ROI.  Discover why our healthcare tech clients have been singing our praises for nearly 40 years. 

*Based on independent reviews from Clutch and GoodFirms

Trusted by some of the best!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Healthcare Software Testing & QA Services

How can QualityLogic help me with my healthcare software? What are some examples of medical applications that may benefit from a partnership?

  • Telemedicine.  Ensuring connectivity, well-functioning video/audio quality, etc. helps ensure a seamless experience for your users. QualityLogic offers a wealth of experience in this industry, which continues to grow.
  • Mobile. As hospitals and healthcare providers launch mobile experiences, QualityLogic offers expertise in mobile health access experiences. With a device library of 1,300+ devices, our compatibility testing engages with your product as users will. 
  • Medical Devices. QualityLogic has experience testing X-ray scanning devices, ECG heart monitors, Bluetooth exercise machines, and more. We can help validate that these machines produce the correct data, that the data is ingestible by APIs, that errors are correctly reported, etc.
  • Electronic Health Records (EHR) Systems. QualityLogic can test these systems to ensure correct functioning and interoperability with other healthcare systems.

What types of testing does QualityLogic offer in the healthcare industry?

  • Interoperability Testing. Within the healthcare environment, many systems are in constant communication: Electronic health records, medical devices, lab systems, patient portals, and more work together to offer the best patient experiences. QualityLogic’s interoperability testing ensures these systems communicate well and deliver a seamless experience for patients and healthcare professionals.
  • Usability Testing. Healthcare providers serve diverse users (healthcare professionals, patients, medical billing teams, etc.), so software needs to be intuitive and easy to use. We help ensure that the software provides a great experience and meets the needs of this diverse group.
  • Accessibility Testing. Healthcare providers serve everyone, ensuring digital experiences are accessible is vital to enabling patients to access the healthcare they need.
  • Performance Testing. Healthcare systems must be reliable and perform as expected under varying conditions, especially in critical situations. Performance testing like load testing, stress testing, and scalability testing help ensure software systems are dependable in real-world use.

What type of users does QualityLogic support in the healthcare space? 

  • Healthcare professionals (doctors, nurses, and clinical staff who use software systems to deliver healthcare)
  • Patients ( technology to manage health)
  • Caregivers / family members (applications to manage health, especially in cases of chronic illnesses or elder care)
  • Hospital administrators and managers (software for patient data management, medical billing, scheduling, healthcare analytics, etc.)
  • Insurance companies (claims, policy management, and customer service)
  • Pharmaceutical companies (technology for drug development, clinical trials, and regulatory compliance)
  • Government (software for public health management, service rollout, and policy management)
  • Nonprofits (research software, policy management tools, etc.) 

Who has QualityLogic worked within the healthcare space?

QualityLogic’s expansive client list includes Advanced Health Services,  Delta Dental,  Moda Health, American Association for Cancer Research, Chordline Health, Envision Technology Partners, and Evolus.