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QA Consulting & Strategy

Software testing is about doing things right. QA consulting and strategy is about ensuring you’re doing the right things.

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35+ Years of QA Thought Leadership

The most expensive defects are the requirements you forgot to include. With industry expertise and senior QA consultants, you can feel confident that your next steps are the best steps.

QA Test Strategy

Is it better to approach testing manually or using automation? What product areas or QA goals should be prioritized? What are the appropriate quality standards for the audience, and how can quality reliably be validated? What’s the right team to have in place and what kind of infrastructure or training do they need to be successful? Quality Assurance can be full of questions and mystery, but QualityLogic’s industry veterans can provide the answers and make it easy.

Automation Assessment

Is automation worthwhile? Have one of our experts assess your product and code for automation suitability, the likely return on investment, sustainability, and framework and language recommendations. Understand the cost and approach of implementation so you can make the right decision.

Talent Strategy

There are many approaches to QA. These range from insourcing to outsourcing, staff augmentation to managed services, dedicated resources to contractors, and beyond. The wrong decisions burn money, delay launches, and cause serious headaches. A significant shortcut is speaking with a leader who has been there and done that – feel confident your business decisions are wise and effective.

Technology Platform Evaluation & Support

Migrating to or implementing new platforms can be challenging. What is the right platform given the existing technology stack, budget, stakeholder needs, timeline, or business objectives? Is there enough bandwidth to implement the correct workflows, roles, and permissions once it’s set up? Our QA consultants can help guide your decision.

QA Process Engineering

What’s the best way to achieve higher quality outcomes, eliminate operational inefficiencies, lower technical debt, or speed-up releases? These are the types of questions often addressed when evaluating and refining QA processes. No process? No problem, QualityLogic’s testing experts can help define a starting point for QA based on industry best practices.

QA RFP Development

Considering soliciting a QA partnership but not sure where to start? Our team has worked through many RFPs and helps organizations consider the right questions, format, and evaluation criteria for their business objectives, including providing free assessment checklists.

Case Study: Automated Testing of an Online Time Management Solution

A healthcare technology company needed improved testing of their custom-built online time management system. A manual test solution was proving to be too costly and time intensive. They turned to us to provide an automated test solution that would save time and money.

QualityLogic is the best QA team I’ve ever worked with — I’ve been doing QA work for 25 years, and I’m stunned at how good they are at their job. They have everything that we want in a QA team; they’re flexible and always maintain good quality.
Scott Shea, Senior Quality Engineer p.volve

Make Informed Decisions with QualityLogic’s QA Consulting Services

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