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Regression Testing

Regression testing to verify that your bug fixes don’t cause other problems

Your development and QA teams work hard to find and fix every defect in your code releases. A key part of that effort is creating tests that verify those fixes and ensure that they correct the bugs without damaging other functionality.

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Efficient Regression Testing

Regression testing is critical in your effort to delight your customers and make sure that when a defect is fixed, it stays fixed. QualityLogic works with you to:

  • Organize defect tracking to isolate and categorize defect and correction verification tests
  • Assemble regression test suites for each release
  • Integrate regression test suites into the test automation framework for execution against following releases
  • Parse regression tests to assist with assessment of development process improvements
The…goal was to develop a set of tools so that our team didn’t need to test our machines manually. Every week, there are 300 untested files. QualityLogic developed a set of tools that were automatically able to connect with our machines, send the files, and report the results…Every time our development team made a change to the code, they had to make sure that it was compliant with the specifications.
Software Quality Assurance Engineer, Major IT Services Company

Your Software Quality Is Our Business

You can trust QualityLogic. We’ve been in the QA and software testing business for over 30 years. Our experts have worked through the evolution of computing from mini-computers and mainframes to smartphones. We have worked through hundreds of test projects and spent years as QA staff to companies like yours, learning the details of what works and what can go wrong with software maintenance. Quality is what we do. Our job is to free your staff to do what they do best.

Safeguard Your Brand with Smart Software QA & Testing

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Regression Testing is Your First Line of Defense

As with all software QA, a major goal of regression testing is transparency that supports the organization’s understanding of exactly what the code system will and won’t do. The regression test suite is the first line of defense against defect leakage into public releases.

To be effective, it must be scrupulously reviewed and maintained, or it will become a report nuisance and be ignored. Making regression testing an integral part of a vibrant test automation process is the best way to keep it relevant and to assure that it is used to guarantee the integrity of its system.

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