Ensure Successful Use of Smart Energy Standards

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Consulting from Smart Energy Experts

Smart energy standards are new territory for almost everyone, but we’ve been immersed in them for years. The QualityLogic team is uniquely qualified to help you with smart grid technology implementations.

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Educate Your Team

Training in smart energy standards and testing puts you ahead of the game. We actively contribute to the development of smart grid industry standards, so our experts are perfectly aligned to help you conduct public or onsite classes for your team.

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The Test Tools You Need

Whether you’re developing or implementing products based on OpenADR 2, IEEE 2030.5, or IEC 61850, we have the tools you need to make your smart energy efforts a success. Our tools are also used for official certification testing.

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Successful Integration

Implementing a pilot, demonstration or full smart grid deployment using emerging standards? QualityLogic brings integration test tools and expertise to the project to ensure success!

Supporting all Aspects of Your Smart Energy Development

QualityLogic’s industry-leading test tools, training, and consulting services are major contributors to standards and certification program development for smart energy products. Our test tools certify and ensure interoperability of software products and devices used in automated demand response (ADR), integration of distributed energy resources (DER), and substation automation (DA).

  • Use QualityLogic’s expert consulting services to accelerate adoption of emerging smart grid technologies.
  • Learn the ins and outs of smart grid standards with our comprehensive training for developers and implementers.
  • Get a full range of test tools and services for OpenADR 2.0 from the official test tool and training partner of the OpenADR Alliance.
  • Get the only approved IEEE 2030.5 test tools and related services that help you get compliant products to market faster.
  • Verify the conformance of substation automation products that communicate via the IEC 61850 standard with KEPCO/QualityLogic test tools.

We had a wonderful experience working with QualityLogic. They have in-depth knowledge of the OpenADR specification and everyone looks up to them for guidance on difficult OpenADR specification issues. The test harness was also top quality and was very easy to use.

Sunil Sodah, Systems Architect, Honeywell/Akuacom Smart Grid Solutions

Ensure Success in the Smart Grid

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