Smart Grid Testing Interoperability Test Solutions

Request a quoteView the IEEE 2030.5 Accelerator Program WebinarQualityLogic leads the smart grid industry in test tools to certify and ensure interoperability of software products and devices used in automated demand response, integration distributed energy resources and substation automation. Current products test and certify emerging smart grid communications standards OpenADR, IEEE 2030.5 (SEP 2), and IEC 61850. QualityLogic provides the test tools, training, technical support and test services to developers and implementers of these and other standards.

OpenADR is an IEC PAS (Publicly Available Standard, recognized by IEC) for demand response communications between utilities and commercial facilities. It is being widely adopted in North America, Korea, Japan, Europe and elsewhere. QualityLogic is the official test tool partner with the OpenADR Alliance and provides test tools, training and support. The latest product is an OpenADR Cloud-based VEN Tester.

QualityLogic is the only approved vendor of conformance and interoperability test tools for certifying products to the IEEE 2030.5 (SEP 2) standard. The test tools are designed for both development and certification applications. US utilities have identified IEEE 2030.5 as the preferred communication protocol for integration of DER resources into grid operations. The Korean government has also identified IEEE 2030.5 for residential home DR management communications.

Through a partnership with KEPCO, QualityLogic distributes KEPCO’s IEC 61850 Client Verifier and Virtual Server worldwide.

We provide training and support for developers and implementers of the standards and also consult on the testing of DR and DER integration technology, including the emerging Transactive Energy field.

QualityLogic is leader in the emerging area of Transactive Energy. We developed a reference implementation of a Transactive Control system showing how a neighborhood can negotiate the charging of electric vehicles to insure that the local transformer is not overloaded. The implementation is on a generalized Transactive Energy platform that can support many different applications.

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