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Request a quote The Smart Grid empowers active management, oversight and participation by both producers and consumers of electrical energy. Achieving this empowerment requires overlaying communications infrastructures and related products on the power grid – in effect, connecting all of the pieces in a power grid to the Internet so communication can take place in real time.

The Smart Grid requires a rich set of technologies, protocols, APIs and at times proprietary technologies. For the Smart Grid to work correctly, all of its components must interoperate in order to achieve the goals that the Smart Grid system is expected to produce. Interoperability is a central factor in making the Smart Grid a working reality.

QualityLogic has specialized in testing the conformance to specifications and interoperability of diverse technologies for over 25 years. Now we bring this expertise to the Smart Grid.

Since 2008, QualityLogic has been a major contributor to the development of Smart Grid interoperability standards and testing and certification techniques through its active participation in GWAC, UCA OpenSG, SGIP, the Pacific Northwest Smart Grid Demonstration Project and other organizations and alliances developing and implementing smart grid standards.

We currently offer the only SEP 2.0 Tests available today, the SEP 2 Ad Hoc Testers and SEP 2 Functional Test, as well as the official OpenADR 2.0 certification test harness and OpenADR 2.0 training workshop. Our test and certification services are grounded in our engineering knowledge of the technologies we work with, and distinguish QualityLogic as the premier interoperability testing tool and services company focused on the smart grid.

With the proliferation of competing and complementary standards, interoperability between standards (end-end interoperability) is also key to the success of the Smart Grid. QualityLogic has pioneered mapping between different standards to establish interoperability.

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TMCnet Interview

Rich Tehrani of TMCnet interviews QualityLogic president and CEO Dave Jollota about QualityLogic's involvement in Smart Grid standards and interoperability testing:

Transactive Energy

The Pacific Northwest Smart Grid Demonstration Project is leading the way in establishing the viability and benefits of transactive energy, and QualityLogic is proud to be the Project's testing partner. The Project's ground-breaking work in transactive control is paving the way for distributed communication and control on the grid, and QualityLogic is responsible for functional conformance and interoperability testing of the transactive control system. The Project’s Transactive Control technology, developed by Battelle, IBM, Alstom Grid and others, is the leading implementation of Transactive energy anywhere in the world. Find out more about transactive energy:

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