Web Services API Testing

Contact UsIf your development plans include an API accessible over the Internet via web services, QualityLogic can provide QA engineering and web testing services to assist you in thoroughly testing the functionality and performance of your API. QualityLogic has a long history of testing APIs for some of the largest players in the tech industry.

Although web services are traditionally thought of as XML over SOAP, a far broader range of technologies are used by our customer base to implement their Web APIs, including protocols and data formats such as REST, Atom, GData, RSS, XML-RPC, KML, JSON, KML-GeoRSS, OpenSearch, RDF, YAML, and many others. Regardless of the implementation technologies used for your API, QualityLogic can help with your testing.

QualityLogic’s Web application testing methodology includes the following steps:

  • API Specification Review – A detailed review of the API specification and any related use case documentation. This review of the API specification from a test perspective typically uncovers numerous errors in the implementation before a single test case is written.
  • Test Specification Development – A written test specification is developed detailing the test conditions and expected results for each test case.
  • Test Framework Development – Although we use standard open source tools like SoapUI and JMeter for our testing, many times a set of static resources need to be developed as a perquisite to automated test case development.
  • Test Case Development – This is the actual coding of the test scenarios. Defects are reported to you as they are uncovered during the test case development.
    • Create sanity check test suites to verify basic operation of each API call in a system each time a system upgrade is released.
    • Create surveillance test suites to continuously monitor the operation of the production installation and flag any operational degradation to IT immediately.
  • Test Execution and Reporting – As API test cases are typically automated, regression testing is typically quick, with most of the effort being placed in problem. isolation and reporting.

QualityLogic offers two distinct types of testing for your Web Services API: Functional Testing and Load Testing.

QualityLogic has the experience, skills, and resources to help you quickly roll out a reliable and scalable Web Services API. To learn more about QualityLogic's Web Services API Testing, contact us or request a quote.