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CCS Charging Session PCAP File Analysis Service

A Free Service from QualityLogic

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CCS Charging Analysis

Struggling with failing charging sessions, but aren’t sure why? Put our beta release of the Charging Session Analyzer to the test. For free!

To more quickly diagnose CCS charging session failures, QualityLogic is temporarily offering free analysis using our beta version to provide a unique analysis of your charging session. The goal is to identify message exchange issues rapidly and accurately so that you can find and fix the cause of failures. The beta supports DIN SPEC, ISO 15118-2, ISO 15118-20, PWM, and SLAC message traffic.

Securely Send Files

To send us your files, complete the form below and you’ll be redirected to our file exchange site. From there you’ll be able to send us any PCAP or PCAPng file (20MB or less) of a Charging Session, and we’ll run it through the Analyzer. We’ll then provide you a report as soon as possible, typically within a few hours. In return for providing the free analysis service, we will use the files and analysis (anonymously) to improve the Charging Session Analyzer. Your files will be treated as confidential IP.

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