The Smart Energy community faces daunting challenges in evolving the grid to accommodate the rapidly changing systems environment. Part of the solution is specifying standards-based products to increase the potential vendor population, reduce system integration costs, increase system reliability and resiliency, and reduce time to deployment.

QualityLogic is the industry leader in implementation of standards-based, interoperable DER eco-systems and infrastructure. We develop interoperability testing solutions, bringing our unparalleled deep expertise to assist you in defining, procuring, developing, certifying and implementing interoperable smart energy products, devices, software, and systems.

Partner with Industry Leaders

Deep Protocol Expertise

QualityLogic’s technical workshops and world-class testing tools have assisted national labs, vendors, and utilities to develop and test their DER and Demand Response products.

Integration and Commissioning Support

Our technical experts and test tools support utilities as they integrate DERs and Demand Response systems into their grid. We support utilities in as they integrate IEEE 2030.5, IEEE 1547-2018, UL 1741, and OpenADR certified products.

Robust Testing and Quality Assurance Infrastructure

Our test labs have decades of experience building out a robust testing and quality assurance infrastructure for our customers.

lightbulb showing these protocols: OpenADR, IEEE 2030.5, IEC 61850, CA Rule 21, IEEE 1547.1, Transactive Energy

Interoperability Workshops with QualityLogic Experts

The first step in understanding smart energy technology is to gain an understanding of the target technology standard. QualityLogic has experts who have exceptional technical understanding of these standards and has assisted hundreds of companies and staff around the globe through onsite interactive workshops.


Training & Workshops

Testing Tools to Ensure Product’s Quality

QualityLogic’s test tools have helped hundreds of companies, utilities, and labs to perform rigorous certification testing and qualification on various technologies. Our IEEE 2030.5 test tools are the leading tools used to perform certification testing on CA Rule 21/CSIP, and the OpenADR 2.0 test tool is the official certification test tool developed and managed by QualityLogic. Our tools also ensure interoperability of substation automation products that communicate using the IEC 61850 standard.

When utilities prepare for acceptance testing of vendor products, QualityLogic test tools are an invaluable resource to ensure that those products meet the required functionality.

Smart Grid Industry Leadership

QualityLogic staff have been deeply involved in the development and rollout of various Smart Energy standards and been part of various demonstration projects.

  • OpenADR Alliance
  • IEEE 2030.5 and CSIP Working Groups
  • SunSpec CSIP Test Procedures Working Group
  • UL Advanced Inverter Testing and Certification Program (UL 1741 STP)
  • IEEE Committee DER Interconnection Standard (IEEE P1547.1)
  • EPRI/California Energy Commission Smart inverter Project
  • Consortium for SEP 2 Interoperability (IEEE 2030.5)
  • GridWise Architecture Council, Transactive Energy Framework

  • SAE J2074 Working Group
  • IEEE 1547.1/.2 and .3
  • CA Vehicle to Grid Integration Workgroup (VGI)
  • Founded and Chaired Smart Grid Northwest (now GridFWD)
  • GridWise Architecture Council, Emeritus
  • Smart Energy Power Alliance (SEPA) EV and Test and Certification Work Groups
  • UL 3001 Standard STP (Standards Technology Panel)


Ensure Your Success With Smart Energy Training and Tools from QualityLogic

Want to learn how QualityLogic can help with gaining the DER protocol and testing expertise? Contact us to find out how we can help bring order as you start dealing with DER deployment.

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