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5-Year, 5-State Program to Demonstrate Benefits of Smart Grid Technologies.

MOORPARK, CA and AUSTIN, TX — (Marketwire – November 24, 2009) – The Department of Energy has selected a Pacific Northwest team, including interoperability testing partners QualityLogic Inc. ( and the Drummond Group (, to conduct a regional smart grid demonstration project. The five-year Pacific Northwest Smart Grid Demonstration Project will expand existing electric infrastructure and test new smart grid technologies with approximately 60,000 customers in five states.

The Northwest team combines energy providers, utilities, vendors and research organizations, and the study will involve metered customers in Idaho, Montana, Oregon, Washington and Wyoming. Total estimated cost for the project is $178 million, half of which DoE will provide through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. The project’s participants will provide the remaining funds.

The demonstration will use a rich set of technologies, protocols and application programming interfaces (APIs), all of which must work together. Smart grid technology includes everything from interactive appliances in homes to substation automation and sensors on transmission lines in a system that improves power delivery and use through intelligent, two-way communication.

Interoperability is a central factor in making the smart grid a working reality. QualityLogic and the Drummond Group will be responsible for interoperability testing and certification of Northwest Smart Grid Demo technologies. QualityLogic brings to the project more than 20 years of experience in developing proven methodologies for testing interoperability and conformance-to-standards for imaging, telecom and Internet technologies. Drummond Group will contribute in-depth experience in machine-to-machine product interoperability testing, as well as Smart Grid architecture, deployment needs and certification.

“QualityLogic’s specialty is solving complex interoperability problems by analyzing intricate technical specifications and standards and developing rigorous test solutions,” said Dave Jollota, CEO and President of QualityLogic. “We are excited to participate in the Northwest Smart Grid Demo team and look forward to contributing to its success.”

“Interoperability will drive the future of the Smart Grid and we are thrilled to be at the forefront in testing and certifying interoperability for this project,” said Rik Drummond, CEO of Drummond Group Inc. “Lessons learned from this Northwest Smart Grid Demo Project will be an important cornerstone for the future.”


QualityLogic is a highly respected provider of testing products and outsourced quality assurance and engineering services. The Company provides a flexible menu of services at customers’ sites, at QualityLogic’s labs, or as managed services that scale to meet customers’ evolving needs. QualityLogic’s customers include technology companies around the world in a wide range of industries:

--  Printer and MFP OEMs, ODMs and technology providers rely on
    QualityLogic test solutions to validate their products' performance,
    conformance to industry standards, and interoperability with other hardware
    and software products.

--  Network infrastructure equipment manufacturers, carriers, and telecom
    service providers use QualityLogic fax test equipment to ensure
    interoperability with fax traffic from traditional devices and across the

--  IT departments in companies of all sizes look to QualityLogic to
    ensure their web applications or websites meet their quality objectives.

--  Marketing groups rely on QualityLogic to provide independent
    validation of their competitive advantages.

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Drummond Group Inc. (DGI) is the trusted interoperability test lab which works with standards groups, software/firmware vendors and industry groups to drive adoption of standards by offering global interoperability and conformance testing, and certification. DGI facilitates these testing services under association-branded certification programs and its own Drummond CertifiedĀ® program. Founded in 1999, DGI also represents best-of-breed in strategic interoperability consulting recognizing the challenges of interoperability for industry over the product life cycle.

--  DGI provides interoperability certification for M2M or business-to-
    business (B2B) standards which are used for the Fortune 500 financial
    information flow, representing billions of dollars per year.  Security of
    data transfer is critically tested.
--  Drummond Group tests for the Liberty Interoperable program and KANTARA
    to provide interoperability testing for Identity information exchange for
    the US government and the global leaders in identity.
--  Drummond CertifiedĀ® software and firmware is required in RFP's
    around the globe to ensure seamless, secure, interoperable products which
    make implementation easy, thereby significantly reducing costs.
--  Smart Grid standards and the products/devices that support them
    require interoperability and Drummond Group has the proven interoperability
    experience needed.

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