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New PDF Test Suite

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QualityLogic (, a provider of leading-edge QA and QC test tools and services for the imaging and telecom industries, launched its new PDF 1.7 Functional Test Suite (PDF FTS) today. The PDF 1.7 FTS tests the breadth of PDF imaging operators using structured, easily understandable test cases.

Portable Document Format (PDF) is the predominant cross-platform document format used by business and personal applications.  PDF is used by viewing applications, such as Acrobat Reader, and is also a print-ready format that precisely describes output destined for a variety of output devices.

Consisting of over 600 test cases, the PDF 1.7 FTS helps printer manufacturers and developers of software that consumes PDF assess conformance of their products to PDF requirements. During test development, QualityLogic has already uncovered errors in popular PDF programs by using the PDF 1.7 FTS test files.

The PDF 1.7 Functional Test Suite offers these benefits

  • Tests the breadth of imaging operators in PDF 1.0 -1.7
  • Structured, easy-to-understand test cases
  • Quick, easy bug isolation
  • Supports QualityLogic’s new automation test platforms
  • “The PDF 1.7 FTS is ideal for companies that need to test each attribute of PDF in a structured way. It complements our PDF InteropAnalyzer, which provides more real-world testing,” said Dave Jollota, president of QualityLogic’s Imaging Test Solutions Group.  “Because the product is designed to test as many PDF imaging operators as possible, it provides great coverage of PDF. And when combined with QualityLogic’s soon-to-be-released automation tools for building targeted test suites and sending and managing these tests, the PDF 1.7 FTS gives customers the most powerful PDF test solution on the market today.”

The PDF 1.7 FTS is complemented by QualityLogic’s PDF 1.7 InteropAnalyzer Plus, a PDF-centric product allows users to quickly and easily search a database of thousands of PDF files for user-specified characteristics.  It is especially helpful in delving deeper and testing a printer’s handling of real-world PDF files more rigorously.

For more information about QualityLogic’s PDF 1.7 Functional Test Suite, visit

Media Note

QualityLogic is demonstrating the PDF 1.7 FTS at drupa 2008, from May 29 to June 11 in Dusseldorf, Germany at the Creative Production Parc, Hall 7.0, Stand E17.

About QualityLogic

QualityLogic provides leading-edge QA and QC test tools and services for the imaging and telecommunications industries.  The company’s tools and services are used for conformance, performance, and interoperability testing – from low-level firmware testing to high-level multi-tier application testing.  Its target markets are companies that develop and market printers, multifunction peripherals, and Telephony/IP products/services.

QualityLogic partners with leading technology firms to develop new and enhanced test solutions for emerging technologies.  It offers pre-submission testing of printer and imaging device drivers for the new Windows Vista Logo Program 3.0, and is the first company to provide independent Microsoft XPS technology training for engineers and designers.  In 2007, QualityLogic announced the development of the first pre-flight application for the XPS file format.

QualityLogic offers a certified page-yield testing service for printer ink and toner cartridges, as well as testing for consumables reliability, print quality and cost of ownership.  In addition, it performs competitive assessment work for HP, Dell and other printer companies.