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New Workshop For Implementing Automated DR

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QualityLogic Inc. (, the official training partner of the OpenADR Alliance, is offering a new workshop, “Implementing Automated Demand Response (DR) Programs,” for utilities, DR designers, and program implementers who are planning to use OpenADR 2.0. OpenADR 2.0 is a low-cost, speedy, reliable communications infrastructure that allows utilities and grid operators to send DR signals directly to building automation and control systems on customers’ sites using a common language and existing communications technology.

The one-day workshop is endorsed by the OpenADR Alliance, which fosters the development, adoption, and compliance of the Open Automated Demand Response (OpenADR) standard through collaboration, education, training, testing, and certification.

The primary purpose of the Implementing Automated DR Programs Workshop is to inform utility DR program managers, designers and implementers about how best to use OpenADR-based systems for automating DR. The workshop covers:

  • OpenADR 2.0 features and functions;
  • Designing DR programs with OpenADR 2.0;
  • OpenADR and the Demand Response Management System; and
  • Interoperability and pre-deployment testing methodologies and tools.

“OpenADR 2.0 brings reliability, predictability and lower costs to demand-response solutions for commercial, industrial and residential applications,” said James Mater, QualityLogic co-founder and Smart Grid Business general manager. “We’ve been helping companies get started with this important Smart Grid standard through training for several years now, and we’re pleased to bring this class to those working on OpenADR 2.0 implementation.”

“This workshop is an invaluable resource for anyone developing, implementing or managing DR programs,” said Barry Haaser, managing director, OpenADR Alliance. “Attendees will gain valuable insight into how the OpenADR standard can be used to create secure, reliable, affordable and scalable DR and energy efficiency programs.”

The private workshops, led by QualityLogic Chief Test Architect Jim Zuber, are conducted on-site or near-site for members of a specific organization. The private workshop format enables an open dialog about specific company issues and allows the team to derive maximum value from the expert instruction and resources in a confidential setting.