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PPML Comprehensive Functional Test Suite Gains Acceptance

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QualityLogic PPML Comprehensive Functional Test Suite Finds Growing Acceptance in Variable Data Printing Market

QualityLogic (, a provider of leading-edge QA and QC test tools and services for the imaging and telecom industries, announced today that its PPML Comprehensive Functional Test Suite (CFTS) is gaining wide acceptance in the fast-growing variable data printing market.

The PPML CFTS helps PPML printing device OEMs achieve interoperability with PPML producers.  Introduced in April 2007, the PPML CFTS is now used by key OEMs and is achieving QualityLogic’s shipment-volume expectations.  In addition, PODi, an industry initiative and the developer of PPML, is using the PPML CFTS to supplement its own test suite.

PODi has developed a test suite for PPML versions 2.1 and 2.2, including about 170 test cases, that companies can use to obtain PPML certification.  QualityLogic’s PPML CFTS includes about 400 test cases, and complements and expands on the PODi Test Suite by offering greater coverage, and in-depth penetration and validation of PPML commands.

“In creating PODi’s CheckPPML viewer, we found the results provided by QualityLogic’s testing against their PPML CFTS provided valuable feedback in the development and QA process.  The PODi PPML Test Suite exercises all the commonly used PPML features, but QualityLogic’s CFTS additionally ‘pushes the envelope’, exploring edges and corners of PPML to deliver predictable results.” said James Mekis, PODi’s Director of Technology.

PPML (Personalized Print Markup Language) is a variable data markup language used to send complex variable print jobs, with high graphical content, to digital print workflows.  It provides a mechanism for defining reusable objects that can be cached in the consumer and then referenced by each page in a variable print job. This feature has the potential to dramatically reduce the time it takes to transmit and print jobs that can contain millions of pages.

Information about the PPML CFTS, and a demonstration will be available at QualityLogic’s booth at the 2008 PODi AppForum, January 28-30, at the Rio Hotel in Las Vegas.

For information about QualityLogic, visit, or call 800-436-6292, ext. 35 or 805-531-9030, ext. 35.  For information about PODi, visit


PODi ( is an industry initiative with hundreds of member companies, including Executive Board members EFI, Hewlett Packard, Pitney Bowes, Quark and Xerox. Its charter is to foster the growth of the digital printing industry through market and standards development activities. PODi promotes interoperability through the PPML suite of open, XML based standards, PPML test suites and certification. It advances digital printing business opportunities through market development activities, including digital print case studies, white papers, independent reports and industry speaking engagements. Membership in PODi is open to companies and organizations involved in digital printing.


QualityLogic provides leading-edge QA and QC test tools and services for the imaging and telecommunications industries.  The company’s tools and services are used for conformance, performance, and interoperability testing – from low-level firmware testing to high-level multi-tier application testing.  Its target markets are companies that develop and market printers, multifunction peripherals, and Telephony/IP products/services.

QualityLogic partners with leading technology firms to develop new and enhanced test solutions for emerging technologies.  It offers pre-submission testing of printer and imaging device drivers for the new Windows Vista Logo Program 3.0, and is the first company to provide independent Microsoft XPS technology training for engineers and designers.  In 2007, QualityLogic announced the development of the first pre-flight application for the XPS file format.

QualityLogic offers a certified page-yield testing service for printer ink and toner cartridges, as well as testing for consumables reliability, print quality and cost of ownership.  In addition, it performs competitive assessment work for HP, Dell and other printer companies.