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QualityLogic Announces New Test Suite for ECMA OpenXPS

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June 12, 2012PRLogMOORPARK, CA, AND CAMBRIDGE, UK – QualityLogic Inc. announced today availability of a new test suite for the ECMA-388 standard, also known as OpenXPS. The OpenXPS Application Test Suite (ATS) gives printer/multifunction peripheral manufacturers, imaging industry technology providers and software developers a thorough, efficient way to test the compatibility of their OpenXPS implementations with leading application software products and gives them a head start on their Windows 8 testing. The release of the OpenXPS ATS is the third OpenXPS test solution released by QualityLogic this year, following the release of two conformance tests.

QualityLogic’s OpenXPS tools ensure the standardization and interoperability of printers, multifunction peripherals and software that support OpenXPS. The OpenXPS ATS is a comprehensive collection of test pages developed using 22 applications from Adobe®, Microsoft® and others. ATS test files exercise printable and viewable features of each software application.

QualityLogic used CSR’s IPS XPS interpreter, configured within a print driver built from CSR’s IPS DDK driver development kit, to generate reference output for each file in the test suite. The reference output is used by customers to compare and evaluate the output generated by their solutions.

“We developed the OpenXPS ATS to help our customers get high-quality OpenXPS implementations to market quickly,” said Dave Jollota, QualityLogic president and CEO. “This test helps to ensure compliance with the ECMA-388 specification and interoperability between producers and consumers of OpenXPS documents.”

Ecma International developed the ECMA-388 standard based on Microsoft’s XPS 1.0 standard with a number of changes, including support for 3D content and improvements to color profile interoperability. OpenXPS will be a major component in Microsoft Windows® 8 operating system. The OpenXPS ATS updates QualityLogic’s test suites for Microsoft XPS to address these and other changes made by Ecma.

For more information about the OpenXPS test suites, contact us.


QualityLogic is a highly respected provider of testing products and outsourced quality assurance and engineering services. The Company provides a flexible menu of services at customers’ sites, at QualityLogic’s labs, or as managed services that scale to meet customers’ evolving needs. QualityLogic’s customers include technology companies around the world in a wide range of industries.

  • Printer and MFP OEMs, ODMs and technology providers rely on QualityLogic test solutions to validate their products’ performance, conformance to industry standards, and interoperability with other hardware and software products.
  • Smart Grid technologies and products must be interoperable to succeed, and QualityLogic is in the forefront of interoperability test solutions.
  • IT departments in companies of all sizes look to QualityLogic to ensure their web applications or websites meet their quality objectives.
  • Marketing groups rely on QualityLogic to provide independent validation of their competitive advantages.
  • Network infrastructure equipment manufacturers, carriers, and telecom service providers use QualityLogic fax test equipment to ensure interoperability with fax traffic from traditional devices and across the Internet.


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