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When passion becomes perfection and where there is no room for error, there comes an on-demand, trusted, and full-service QA testing provider – QualityLogic. The story behind its inception to an industry-leading software testing company is narrated by its President & CEO – Gary A James in an article written by GoodFirms.

Founded in 1986 in the USA, QualityLogic operates its software testing business from its three offices in Idaho, Oklahoma, and California. It is an on-shore and on-demand QA company that serves clients globally from industries like retail, media & entertainment, e-commerce, imaging, smart energy, virtual reality, and more.

The insights gleaned from the past three decades enables QualityLogic to help company’s create quality software products and solutions based on collaboration between creative developers and a talented QA team from start to finish.

In an interview with GoodFirms, Gary A. James – the President & CEO of QualityLogic, shared how the company was established and how it has reached a prominent position in the market.

Gary shared that QualityLogic was founded 36 years ago to help solve compatibility problems between software applications and print systems. Hence, they created quality assurance test tools and test suites that raised quality standards in the industry. Gary shared how the company sold their test tools to all printer manufacturers and is doing the same today as well. “After writing the original tests for testing the internal language of printers, we began testing multi-functional capabilities within printers which advanced the technical capabilities of the company,” he adds.

QualityLogic is one of the most sought-after software and application testing services companies in the US; it has worked with many leading brands in the world to improve the quality of their website, applications, and portals by developing truly accessible digital programs and smart energy solutions.

Observing printing manufacturers shifting many of their operations offshore, the company shifted its efforts to expand beyond printing manufacturers. Their experience reflected how important QA testing services are in the entire development process, and the company started expanding its software testing services. “The dedication to innovation and ensuring our customers are delighted with our team’s work has helped us evolve into one of the leading pure-play software testing companies,” he also adds.

A client review given below depicts best about how QualityLogic serves its customers.

Image of a 5-Star Review from Jordan Lucas. 
Bold caption: QualityLogic seriously rocks
Copy: The QualityLogic team was brought onto our engagement very late into the project and we were given very little notice of it so naturally, that brought up some initial concern as to how it would go. We were immediately impressed by their skillset, communication, and support of their compliance testing. On top of that, they continued to support us in our efforts to get our site compliant and showed us patience and a lot of support!

While talking about the company’s business model, he asserts that QualityLogic solely operates in-house and exclusively in the USA with its full-time employees. The managed services model of the company comprises dedicated team members for each project.

Gary differentiates QualityLogic from other counterparts based on client satisfaction. As he says, “QualityLogic is fully aligned with our clients in terms of time-zone, language, culture, and other capacities which makes integrating our QA teams very easy.”

The review given below is another example of how QualityLogic treats its customers.

Image of a 5-Star Review from TF Systems. 
Bold caption: Delivered as promised, on budget, on time, highly recommend!
Copy: We hired QualityLogic to do a WCAG compliance test and they performed the test on budget, within the allotted time, and gave us clear and specific feedback on areas to address in our application to be WCAG compliant.
What is it about the company that you appreciate the most?
Good communication, knowledgeable testers in the area we hired services for (WCAG)

What was it about the company that you didn't like which they should do better?
Delivered on time, on budget, and with clear test results we could understand and take action on to resolve in our application.

According to Gary, QualityLogic doesn’t believe in supplying pre-packaged solutions. Instead, they prefer meeting every client’s requirements with tailored solutions. The company offers flexibility to their clients with quickly scaled resources, simple integration of QA into development teams, and quickly scale resources as needed.

When asked about the services they offer, Gary strongly affirms that QualityLogic is a pure-play software testing company and their capabilities include quality testing and QA engineering. Hence, their major service area revolves around test automation, manual functional testing, digital accessibility services, and test planning and documentation. Trustworthiness, honesty, and a passion to help their clients release great software are the foundation of the company that assures them having long-lasting relationships with their clients. Hence, QualityLogic is regarded as the top software testing company in the USA.

The company is committed to see their client companies become successful with their quality assurance needs. In most cases, QualityLogic only engages programs that need work of at least a week. The minimum budget to handle a project in the company ranges between $5,000 and $7,500.

QuickLogic is optimistic about the future. Gary states that “Almost no one has a truly US operation. We are highly committed to providing the best US testing solutions, paired with true strategic leadership and an approach that puts our customers first. We believe that approach is why we have grown so significantly and that is what we hope to bring to our future customers as well.”

The full interview with Gary can be read at GoodFirms.

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