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What’s New in FaxLab 9?

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FaxLab 9, the latest version of QualityLogic’s fax interoperability test tool, adds 20 new fax and multi-function peripheral profiles. Network equipment providers and carriers use FaxLab to identify message degradation caused by the network transport, as well as fax protocol violations in gateways. FaxLab is used by device manufacturers to test a particular fax device’s ability to interoperate with other devices by emulating normal operation and error conditions for a wide variety of different fax devices, as both caller and receiver. FaxLab allows users to replace a room full of fax devices with software, saving time, reducing costs, and providing a deeper level of testing than manual testing can offer.

FaxLab 9 adds profiles of fax and multifunction devices from Brother, Galeo, HP, Philips, Sagem and Canon, bringing the total number of emulations for V.17 to 177, and the total for V.34 to 45. Also new in FaxLab 9 is remote control automation for both V.17 and V.37 testing. FaxLab 9 is shipping now.

FaxLab 9 also uses the new ChannelTrap IV hardware device, introduced with FaxLab 8. ChannelTrap IV features improved control and measurement of call performance, improved noise rejection, and reduced heat dissipation and signal distortion. FaxLab 8 and FaxLab 9 will operate with both ChannelTrap IV and its predecessor, ChannelTrap III.

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