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Software Technical Support

QualityLogic offers 60 days/3 hours of free software technical support with each of our testing products and offers optional 10- and 20-hour/one-year software support contracts.

60-Day/3-Hour Software Support
Starting on the day of shipment, you are eligible for full tech support and limited assistance with results analysis to explain how the product arrived at its result and what that result means in terms of the operation of the test target. This is included in the purchase price of the product, and this support ceases at the end of the 60-day period or 3-hours of technical support, whichever comes first.

Software Support Contracts
You may purchase the same service that was provided with the product for an additional 10 or 20 hours over the course of one year once the 60-day/3-hour support term has expired.

Software Support Contracts are available for current versions of the following Fax Test Tools:

  • FaxLab
  • DataProbe
  • FaxSend
  • FaxExpert
  • ChannelProbe

The service contracts provide phone and e-mail access to QualityLogic’s customer support department for product issues.

Hardware Extended Warranty
QualityLogic provides a one-year parts and labor warranty on all hardware components provided with its test tool products. This warranty provides that we will repair or replace, at our option, a damaged or defective hardware component that fails to conform to its design specifications for a period of one year after its shipment. An extended hardware warranty may be purchased to extend this service period for an additional year.

Extended Hardware Warranties are available for current versions of the following Fax Test Tools hardware components:

  • DataTrap
  • ChannelTrap
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1 Year Extended Hardware Warranty – Fax Tools, 10 Hours/1 Year Software Support – Fax Tools, 20 Hours/1 Year Software Support – Fax Tools