Windows 10 ATS-IF Suites (Office 2019)


For each of the popular applications in the Office 2019 suite (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Visio, Publisher, and Edge), QualityLogic has developed a comprehensive test suite to systematically test a printer driver or other conversion software that interface through the operating system’s print system. For each supported application, there are three types of test files:

  • Progressively Complex Pages begin with a simple text file, then progressively adds complex objects resulting in the final complex test file including a variety of different graphic content.
  • Robust pages are type of content that a power user of the application may create that pull from the various editing tools available to create creative content.
  • Mechanical pages are type of test files that use all of the image formats, color, drawing, fonts, and other tools available from the application itself.


  • Test files for each of the supported application
  • Hard copy reference output masters (optional)
  • Product User’s Guide and Test Specification (in pdf)
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Suite #1: Word, PowerPoint, Publisher, Reference output for Office 2019 Suite #1, Suite #2: Excel, Visio, Edge, Reference output for Office 2019 Suite #2