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Profiles In Accessibility:
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QualityLogic is creating a community of leaders, advocates, and users in the field of website and digital accessibility. We regularly feature articles on the leaders and influencers in this community, building awareness of the critical roles these people

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About Profiles in Accessibility

QualityLogic’s Profiles in Accessibility is an interview program with the intention of providing visibility to the wide array of perspectives, best practices, and technologies within the world of accessibility. We have a mission to help build a more equitable and inclusive world, and we would like to support the wider community by providing a platform for accessibility practitioners and experts to share their thoughts and expertise.


Our Profiles in Accessibility team sets up virtual conversations with our guests on various topics based on their unique experiences and background. We mutually decide on key topics and questions prior to the conversation, and then conduct the virtual session involving our guest and members of the QualityLogic team. The session is recorded, and a transcript is developed based on that recording. The QualityLogic editing team will then develop an article that provides context to the interview and includes the transcript from the conversation. This article is reviewed by our guests and then published and circulated to the wider community.

Our Guests

We select our guests based on a variety of factors, though most important are their lived experiences or expertise within accessibility. As our goal is knowledge-sharing, we focus on guests whose insights will equip our audience with a deeper understanding of accessibility (in all its forms) or provide them with resources to enhance their work with accessibility. The views of our guests are their own, and we do not specifically endorse any views that may be shared. Our interview program is also for public benefit and while we may discuss resources in our conversation, this outlet is not intended for advertisement or commercial purposes.

Interested in speaking with our team and sharing your perspectives? Fill out the form above and we’ll be in touch.