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Expedite Your Software Release and Maximize ROI

With an onshore QA testing team, you’ll experience a significant increase in efficiency over an offshore alternative.

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Eliminate the language, cultural, and time zone challenges that are often associated with offshore outsourcing.

Plus, by outsourcing your test services, you add flexibility and scalability to your development cycle – without the HR and recruitment hassles.

When you integrate a responsive local QA team, you free your dev teams to release faster – which results in improved revenues and satisfied customers.

The QualityLogic Difference.

Experience, seamless integration, and time-tested best practices are essential for delivering immediate results.


More than 30 years of experience delivering software test tools and services, over 4,000 successful projects delivered.


A simple & flexible engagement model that integrates into existing development frameworks & augments in-house QA test teams.



Competitive on-shore pricing. Avoid the hidden costs of offshore QA engagements with time & materials only billing.


Expand your team to get through a QA bottleneck or crisis, or engage a dedicated QualityLogic team on an ongoing basis to meet critical deadlines.

Add flexibility, scalability, affordability, and guaranteed performance.

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