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Integrated Agile QA Support

QualityLogic’s Agile Team Augments Your In-house QA

QualityLogic stands ready to work within your Agile development process. Our engineers know the Agile operational concepts that produce quick, short-term turnaround of proposed features into working code without disturbing long-term system stability.

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Integrated Agile QA and Test

The mindset, organization, and process you need to get the most from agile development practices are completely different from the traditional waterfall model. That goes for your quality assurance function, too. If your Agile QA doesn’t meet the speed of your development, quality and customer satisfaction are sure to suffer. The solution: integrated Agile QA.

Agile Software Development Evolution

Traditional software development organizations typically ran a ratio of one quality engineer to three or four development engineers. New code versions took months, or even a year, to roll out. A web-based service, and especially an eCommerce site, have to roll new releases every week or two. This requires a quality-to-development ratio of something more like one-to-two.

Competent web services development engineers aren’t easy to find. Finding software quality engineers who can keep up with them is even more difficult. Development engineers often end up testing their own code, or they depend on code reviews and integration tests to catch flaws. For a company that has to manage an Agile development process, this is courting disaster. There is a way for recruiting to keep pace with explosive growth and maintain customer satisfaction.

We’re on Your (Agile) Team

QualityLogic works with your QA staff to put together a team of software quality engineers to augment your in-house QA.

To start, we place a core of senior QA engineers within your major development projects. These engineers become familiar with your infrastructure and augment resources where QA needs are critical. Your QualityLogic test project manager quickly fields a qualified, capable QA engineering staff and integrates additional engineers into the project so that they become productive resources right away. The manager also studies your code development and testing processes and develops recommendations and plans for improvements.

As more QualityLogic QA engineers are brought to the project, they take on direct involvement in your development projects. This lets you focus your in-house QA staff on system attributes, such as marketing campaigns and feature additions, rather than mundane but necessary regression testing and sanity checks.

Your needs change, and we flex with them. If you need additional support for a big push, we can bring on more integrated Agile QA engineers and/or test technicians. There’s never a charge for scaling your team up or down. And we guarantee our work.

Automate the Repetitive

As a further benefit, QualityLogic staff automates repetitive and time-consuming test jobs and creates quick-turnover sanity and ‘smoke’ tests.  Any software system’s stability relies on rigorous regression tests of all the system components and their connections each time new code is installed. Automation is the best way to accomplish this, but it takes high-value engineering talent away from development or testing.

QualityLogic’s automation specialists study the standing system and work up a test automation harness and script code without detracting from either the development or QA processes. This lets your developers ramp up work on marketing initiatives and new features without worrying that the release of code to the live system will be bottle-necked at the verification stage.

Quick Integration, Long-Term Stability

QualityLogic stands ready to work within your Agile development process. Our engineers know the Agile operational concepts that produce a quick, short-term turnaround of proposed features into working code. And all without disrupting long-term system stability.

Our test lab staff participates in your SCRUM stand-up and planning meetings via IP audio and video links. The project manager responds to requirement changes and directs the QA engineering staff’s focus to your quality priorities. This combination of hands-on project management and remote staffing makes QualityLogic’s QA teams functional and cost-effective.

Find out how easy it is to integrate top-notch Agile QA and test with your Agile development team. Contact us or fill out the form below.

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