Exploratory Testing is Crucial

Save time and money with exploratory testing. QualityLogic’s experts trace defect symptoms to their cause. Then they follow them to other, seemingly unrelated symptoms, so your development team can quickly resolve problems. QualityLogic’s exploratory testing gives your developers:

  • All of the identifiable causes of a defect, including possible issues with the development process that resulted in creation of the defect
  • Code dependencies that cause the effects of a bug to spread to apparently unrelated aspects of the system
  • “What if” scenarios, such as, “If this circumstance is repeated with this alteration, how do the issues appear?”
  • Feature and code change feasibility through a quality engineering study of the systemic effects of those changes

Exploratory Testing Requires QA Engineering

To control your costs, QualityLogic uses a multi-dimensional approach to software quality. We employ three different levels of test technician skills and three more levels of QA engineering expertise, all managed by QA project managers. You minimize your test project costs because we scale different skill levels to match test process complexity. You get the exploratory testing expertise you need but never pay for a higher level than the task demands. Find out more about working with us.

Marketing & Design Testing

“Thanks again for all your hard work. You guys are finding things we would never find.”

Development Manager, Web/Mobile Dev Company

Exploratory Testing In-Depth

Check out the following to learn more about the concepts and execution of exploratory testing:

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