Feature Functionality Is Your Bottom Line

Each of your app, website or product features serves a purpose, and QualityLogic makes sure they all work in concert for you with functionality testing that:

  • Maps your product or site specification to a test plan with cases to exercise each function it describes
  • Tests your system as it will be used by your customers
  • Verifies feature interaction to ensure operation of one function doesn’t affect others, unless intended
  • Exercises inputs and use parameters across their full expected ranges
  • Uses erroneous parameter values to verify graceful recovery of incorrect feature use

The Quality of Your Software Is Our Priority

Trust the quality of your services and products to the experts at QualityLogic. We’ve been in the testing trenches for more than 30 years. We worked through the evolution of computing from mini-computers and mainframes to the personal devices we now wear. Along the way, we have tested and developed the tools to verify peripheral and application operation, and many of these tools have become test standards. We take care of quality with functionality testing so you can take care of business.

Load and performance testing in agile

“The team did an amazing job spooling up the team, test case dev and quality of execution; I really appreciate the hard work and long hours put in which enabled us to meet a very aggressive schedule.”

Quality Engineering Manager, Major Media Company

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