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PDF and Office files are common on desktop and mobile platforms, yet these complex standards are a huge testing challenge for app vendors. Your customers can quickly become frustrated and abandon your app if it doesn’t correctly process their files.

There are many dimensions to PDF and Office Open XML that can cause problems for software that creates or consumes these formats. One major challenge is the breadth of the features that PDF and Office standards provide. There are thousands of operators and attributes that compose these individual standards.

The huge number of applications and systems that produce PDF and Office files use diverse PDF and Office commands and attributes. And these applications are used on a variety of different computing and mobile platforms ranging from desktop computers to mobile phones. PDFs and Office files can be generated and edited on virtually any modern computing platform.

PDF Testing Challenges for App Developers

Solving the Testing Challenge

QualityLogic now offers a tailor-made App Vendors Start Kit. The Kit improves the ability of applications to deal with this complex testing challenge. If your app views, edits, analyzes, converts, preflights or optimizes PDF or OOXML file formats, the App Vendor Starter Kit will save you time and money.

Make the move to better quality. Migrate away from ad hoc testing using customer’s or your own test files and use the trusted standard that many global leaders have relied on for decades.

The App Vendor Starter Kit brings you robust test files for PDF and Office formats. The Kit leverages QualityLogic’s industry-standard conformance and interoperability test suites. These tests are designed around the PDF and Office specifications and the features of key applications that can produce them.

What Will the Starter Kit Do for You?

  • Holiday flier correctly rendered
    This pdf file is correctly rendered.
    PDF rendered incorrectly illustrates the importance of PDL testing
    The creator of this pdf file incorrectly rendered the fonts.

    Transform your application’s quality and robustness by testing against PDF/Office Open XML specifications along with challenging real-world files

  • Set you on the road to a product that complies with the specification and works with complex real-world files and outperforms the competition
  • Keep your developers focused on new features and new products, not generating test files
  • Save time and money by trusting the company industry-leading printer and app vendors have trusted for 30 years

Trust the Experts in PDL Testing

QualityLogic revolutionized PDL testing by introducing the first PCL and PostScript test suites 30 years ago. Contact us for a sample of the App Starter Kit test suite for PDF and Office formats. The App Starter Kit includes:

  • Custom test pages that exercise key features available in Office apps
  • PDF functional tests based on the breadth of the PDF standard (not application generated)
  • A broad sampling of different PDF/Office files generated by a diverse set of apps and platforms

Gain the benefit of our PDL testing expertise in PDF, Office and other PDL formats. Use the App Starter Kit test suite, designed specifically for application vendors.

Download the pdf data sheet.

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