Test Automation Is a Development AND Quality Project

QualityLogic works closely with your development and quality teams to achieve an ideal cost/benefit balance in implementing test automation. We carefully weigh:

  • Which system aspects and features lend themselves to test automation, and which do not
  • The array of automation frameworks, to help select the best fit for your system
  • Coverage of automated sanity checks to ensure newly released code doesn’t cause apparently unrelated defects
  • Design and implementation of surveillance tests to watch for latent code interaction issues
  • Maintenance requirements and their effect on the scope of test automation projects

Test Automation from a Company that Makes Automated Test Tools

Return on investment is the measure of a successful test automation project, and that requires planning guided by practical experience. To optimize ROI, the automation decision balances change frequency, cost to automate and maintain the automation, and continuing manual testing processes. QualityLogic has been at the forefront of automated testing for over three decades. Our test engineers help you strike the right balance and provide the benefits of our automated testing experience.

Interoperability Testing Between Phone & Tablet

“I am very satisfied with the work QualityLogic completed. The data validator has been very exciting, it was something I envisioned but was not able to execute. It will save so much time from having to put the props in order or going through them line by line.”

QA Manager, Major Media Company

Perspectives on Automated Testing

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