Interface Design and Usability Testing

User testing of your interface requires a precision verification process, alongside functionality testing. QualityLogic examines:

  • Congruence – Does the control do what a reasonable user would expect?
  • Appearance – Is the appearance consistent with the control’s function, for example, red for stop rather than green?
  • Accuracy – Do control labels reflect the function they actually perform?
  • Flow – Are controls laid out in an order that flows logically over the screen?
  • Consistency – Is a feature’s control always represented with the same appearance throughout the system?

Things are going well. This has been a smooth process and we're pleased with the thorough nature of the review!

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QualityLogic Knows Usability Testing

Our QA engineers and technicians have worked with system testing for decades. We’ve seen user interfaces that range from effective to just confusing. We work with your development and marketing groups to bring out the best in your systems, which means getting the maximum results from user interface design and operation.

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Safeguard Your Brand with Smart Software QA & Usability Testing

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More Information on Usability Testing

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