QualityLogic knows fax

After 120 years of switched circuit telecommunications, the Internet upended the telephone paradigm with Voice over IP (VoIP). While telecom companies have adapted to Internet voice communications, fax transmission is still a challenge. QualityLogic’s telecom testing tools and services have supported fax terminal and carrier equipment development for three decades, helping telecom organizations deal with analog and digital fax, and most importantly, the boundary conditions between them.

What our clients say about us

“Detailed investigation into our fax transmission problems was beyond the desired scope of our IT operations. Being able to bring QualityLogic in as an expert third party service was just what we needed.”

– Medical Center IT Director


“QualityLogic’s test results provided the proof we needed to finally get full organizational support for a configuration policy that would directly address our fax problems. Having real observations and solid data made all the difference.”

– Medical Center VoIP Administrator

Some of our clients