QualityLogic’s Legacy in the Printing Industry

The imaging market consists of an intriguing mix of old and new technology. Printer and MFP manufacturers compete in a mature market where product features and pricing are constantly under pressure. Conversely, 3D printing is brand new, with standards still in development. No matter where in the spectrum your products lie, QualityLogic provides critical test tools and printer and MFP testing services to get them to market efficiently and effectively while keeping your development costs down.

What our clients say about us

“The QualityLogic Lab provides us with the assurance that our products will work when they hit the market. Our customers have a very satisfactory experience with our products and come back for more.”

– Product Manager, Major MFP Manufacturer

“Previously, we would have a person manually click the mouse to begin a print application, start a stop watch, collect the times, and write down the times for up to 10 different files in a given application. One of the first benefits of using PageSense is that it automates this entire process. Now, with the same number of human operators, we can process 10 times the number of files.”

– QA Director, Major Printer/MFP Manufacturer

Some of our great clients