OpenADR Training Workshop

This two-day workshop starts with a background on the origins of OpenADR, followed by a high-level discussion of all the key aspects of the OpenADR standard, including supported transports and security mechanisms. The class then transitions into a detailed technical discussion of each of the core services provided by OpenADR for A and B profiles. The workshop includes sessions on the certification test process, the OpenADR Test Harness, demos of live OpenADR implementations, and discussions of how OpenADR is applied to various DR Programs. The workshops typically have a high degree of class participation, providing insights beyond a single student’s perspective. QualityLogic is the official Test Tool and Training Partner of the OpenADR Alliance.

We had a wonderful experience working with QualityLogic. They have in-depth knowledge of the OpenADR specification and everyone looks up to them for guidance on difficult OpenADR specification issues.

Sunil Sodah, Systems Architect, Honeywell/Akuacom Smart Grid Solutions

OpenADR Workshop Overview

This workshop is available as private onsite courses at customer’s facility or offered as public courses on a periodic basis. QualityLogic has offered OpenADR courses for over several years and have trained significant number of attendees and companies.

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OpenADR 2.0 Workshop - Smart Grid Training - QualityLogic

Ensure Your Success with OpenADR

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OpenADR Workshop for Implementers

We also offer a one-day Implementers Workshop that focuses on using OpenADR 2. The workshop covers:

  • ​The origins of OpenADR and high-level overview of its features and functions
  • A detailed look at each OpenADR supported service, including registration, events, reporting, opt, and oadrPoll.
  • Demand Response program design from an OpenADR perspective using the DR program templates and deployment scenarios from the OpenADR Alliance DR Program Guide.

You will leave the class with a solid conceptual understanding of how OpenADR works, a detailed understanding of aspects of OpenADR required to implement a DR Program, and OpenADR best practices.