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Big Data Analytics & Telemetry

Analytics and Telemetry Testing for Big Data Aggregation

It’s critical that your application produces each data element correctly. To help ensure that the data in each of your analytics and telemetry platforms is accurate, we provide the statistics you need and perform end-to-end analytics and telemetry testing by checking known sessions to ensure correct data made it through the last mile.

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QualityLogic Ensures Data Accuracy

Stress Testing

Testing in Depth

Our QA engineers work through all the permutations of beacons, data content, and format to ensure precise monitoring of your site.

End-To-End Coverage

We verify the data you wish to track makes it all the way from your client through your data pipeline and is correctly collected into databases or your preferred analytics suite.

Flexible QA Support

You get the test services you need when you need them, with the ability to rapidly flex the size of your QualityLogic team.

Tests Mapped to Your Requirements

QualityLogic works with the design specifications your engineers use to build the analytics and telemetry frameworks to ensure your code matches those designs.

Big Data Testing You Can Depend On

Verifying analytics requires careful system stimulus, data evaluation, and telemetry testing. QA takes this process to an even deeper level to make sure you are getting actionable data, QualityLogic:

  • Correlates use cases to the design specification, generating test cases for each
  • Verifies that beacons fire correctly without generating extraneous data
  • Assesses each call you made for correct variable format and data values
  • Generates test reports to cross check that all critical data is drawn from the system
  • Creates database queries to validate the structure and accuracy of collected data
I am very satisfied with the work your team completed. The custom data validator you built has been very exciting. It was something I envisioned but was not able to execute. It will save so much time from having to put the props in order or going through them line by line.
QA Manager Major Media Company

Analytics and Telemetry

QualityLogic worked with this Fortune 100 company to ensure their analytics and telemetry data correctly measured engagement with their individual apps and content. Learn how our experts designed a custom QA strategy from the ground up to save our client time and money by “getting it right the first time.”

Safeguard Your Brand with Smart Big Data Testing

Want to learn more about how our QA and testing services can safeguard your brand? Contact us to find out how we can improve your QA ROI.