Stop API Problems Before They Dam Up Your Revenue Stream

QA Engineering

QualityLogic’s QA engineers know API functionality and work directly with your development team to quickly verify new code and defect fixes.

Test Automation

To exercise APIs over their full range of data values and functional combinations, we program the computer to test the computer through purpose-designed automation.

Agile/CI/CR Support

Our QA test teams directly integrate with your Agile teams to provide QA support for Continuous Integration and Continuous Release of your code base.

End-To-End Coverage

We verify that API calls accurately transfer data through your middleware to your databases, third-party services and reporting systems.

We Test Your API from the Inside Out

Although web services are traditionally thought of as XML over SOAP, you’re not limited to those – and neither are we. QualityLogic works with:

  • Detailed reviews of API specifications and related use case documentation
  • Development of extensive and specific test plans and cases
  • Automation of individual API calls and functional call groups
  • A wide range of technologies, including REST, Atom, GData, RSS, XML-RPC, KML, JSON, KML-GeoRSS, OpenSearch, RDF, YAML, and many others
  • Functional and performance/load API testing

The QualityLogic team really goes above and beyond the call of duty to make sure we're 100% satisfied. It is what makes them so awesome.

Engineering Manager, Major Media Company

Case Study: Web Services API Testing

QualityLogic worked with this half-billion dollar market cap company to ensure its core product –interactive services available via Web APIs – was high quality and well documented. QualityLogic developed extensive load testing scenarios as well as fully automated test cases.

Download case study

api testing - web api testing - QualityLogic case study

Safeguard Your Brand with Smart Software QA & Testing

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