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Mobile Application Testing

Our Approach to Mobile Application Testing

Put QualityLogic’s expert mobile application testing and QA resources to work throughout your development process, and you’ll release the best app in the least amount of time.

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The State of Mobile Application Testing and Development

Quality assurance for mobile applications, websites, and hybrids is a major goal of software development organizations. Market pressures are huge and press the product development cycle for the shortest concept-to-release times. Agile development has very nearly become Acrobatic development.

And the environment for mobile application testing and verification isn’t helping. Traditional software and websites can be developed and tested in a tightly controlled setting, but mobile software is another matter. QA is faced with the Apple iOS model that tightly controls the hardware platforms and bottlenecks the release process. Then, there is the Android process that confronts QA with wildly dissimilar hardware and a wide-open release system. And marketing wants both of these product models supported.

QualityLogic has insights and QA resources that you can put to work throughout the development process to solve the problems of supporting mobile systems.

QA Planning for Successful Mobile Apps

Planning your mobile application testing strategy is the first step. Get the help of QualityLogic’s QA test architects to help you plan out your mobile application testing strategy with insights on such questions as:

  • Which mobile test tool frameworks will you need to support the development of your mobile app/site?
  • How will you integrate them and QA in general into your use of the Agile development methodology?
  • How much cross-pollination can you do between desktop and mobile app/site QA?

Working with your Agile sprint planning process, we’ll get the necessary QA resources allocated for each story.

Integrating QA and Development

One of the most difficult demands of Agile implementation is the integration of QA and development. Traditionally, the waterfall development methodology prized their separation. With Agile, development and QA engineers form small teams with product management that work on tightly limited product objectives.

Our Senior QA Engineers work directly with your development engineers to help you create a comprehensive array of test processes, including:

  • Sanity checks using code development environments and simulators
  • Tracking requirements to features and verifying that intended functionality becomes a reality
  • Verifying that controls, links, and formatting are present and adjustable for conformance
    to various platforms

Mobile App Test Automation

Automated real device testing is the pinnacle of mobile QA. There are several services that offer this and some significant pitfalls in using them. QualityLogic can help steer your development group through these and provide insights into selecting and using the new automation tools that are now available.

To meet the mobile industry’s need for device test automation, we’ve surveyed the expanse of test tools, frameworks, and cloud-based device arrays. We work closely with you to determine the scope of work, deliverables, and timeline. Then we establish an implementation and training team to quickly implement the solution. We define milestones and clear deliverables with ongoing testing and support as required by the scope of work.

This expert solution is tailored to your operation, so you don’t need to build the capability in-house. We help you get mobile QA established, provide support and training, and augment your internal test capability on an as-needed basis.

Production QA Support

There’s no substitute for testing your app or site against the actual array of phones and tablets you support.

That said, can you afford to staff and equip a lab full of test personnel and devices? And what about testing the next release…the one with the complex new features?

QualityLogic has test strategies that will help guide you through this part of the process with the best verification results for your testing dollars. We can:

  • Test your mobile systems on our own broad array of mobile devices and/or provide experienced staff to work with your equipment.
  • Perform end-to-end tests to verify that, beyond the user interface, the app or site performs correctly as an integrated system and doesn’t disrupt other business processes.
  • Load test your back-end systems directly to assure robust support for your expected traffic load and beyond.

Safeguard Your Brand with Smart Software QA & Testing

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