PDF 2.0 Testing with PDF InteropAnalyzer

A PDF 2.0 Test for the Real World

PDF is a universal, non-proprietary method of exchanging documents. Millions of PDF documents are accessible from the web, and over a half billion Adobe Readers have been downloaded from Adobe’s web site. PDF interpreters have found their way to hard copy devices, accelerating the printing process by eliminating the transform between PDF and other printer languages in the printer driver. Now, with the release of the ISO 32000-2 standard, PDF 2.0 testing is a requirement.

Numerous Adobe and non-Adobe products can produce PDF files in seven versions of the PDF file format. The application that created the document, the PDF producer configuration options, and editing of the PDF document can all influence the composition of the PDF file. This creates almost infinite permutations to test. If you develop software, mobile apps, or hardware to read and interpret PDF files, the testing challenge is immense.

You can meet this challenge with the PDF InteropAnalyzer, a test suite that validates your device’s ability to handle PDFs as they are currently used in the business environment, as well as those created using the latest releases of popular applications.