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PDF 2.0 Testing with PDF 2.0 Functional Test Suite

Testing PDF 2.0 Functionality

Portable Document Format (PDF) is the dominant cross-platform format used in personal and business environments, both on desktops and mobile devices. It’s critical that your device or app handles the latest version, PDF 2.0, flawlessly.

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PDF not only conveys information through the use of viewing applications, such as Acrobat Reader and others, it also is a print-ready format that precisely describes the output that is destined for various of output devices. The format is the standard of choice for exchanging rich documents securely and accurately. ISO published the new ISO 32000-2 (PDF 2.0) standard in July 2017. This new PDF standard will make an impact quickly as new features and other updates are being implemented by PDF applications and printers. So what’s the best solution for PDF 2.0 testing?

PDF 2.0 Functional Test Suite (FTS): Fast, Efficient, Green

The PDF 2.0 Functional Test Suite (FTS) tests the breadth of the PDF commands with typical usage scenarios. This suite will help you to quickly assess your product’s baseline conformance to PDF requirements. The PDF 2.0 FTS provides:

  • Rapid, unattended test execution  You can run the PDF 2.0 FTS overnight without incurring the cost and lost productivity of a test technician monitoring the process.
  • Minimum number of pages to compare This not only saves you labor and money, it’s a “greener” way to test using less paper, consumables, and energy.
  • Quick, easy bug isolation Because we have full control over the PDF operators and elements in each test file, you’ll find bugs faster.

You don’t sacrifice thoroughness for speed. With over 700 test cases, the PDF 2.0 FTS covers the imaging components of the PDF language that directly influence the individual pixel rendering of each page on a printer and interactive and non-print related commands that applications use. The PDF 2.0 FTS is ideal for quick, thorough regression testing or for testing PDF applications and interpreters. QualityLogic’s PDF 2.0 InteropAnalyzer complements the FTS and allows you to quickly and easily search a database of thousands of PDF files for those containing various PDF characteristics you specify. The PDF 2.0 InteropAnalyzer can help you delve deeper to more rigorously test your printer’s handling of PDF files.

PDF 2.0 FTS Tested Functions

The PDF 2.0 FTS provides thorough PDF 2.0  testing for these functions:

File HeaderCatalogTrailerCross-Reference
Page ObjectsName DictionaryGraphic State OperatorsObject Streams
Graphic State ParametersPath Construction OperatorsPath Painting OperatorsClipping Path Operators
Color SpacesStroke and FillColor SpacesTypes
PatternsExternal ObjectsImagesForm XObjets
Optional ContentText State OperatorsText-Positioning OperatorsText-Showing Operators
Viewer PreferencesDestinationsDocument OutlineCollections
Page-Level NavigationAnnotationsActionsAdditional Actions
Interactive FormsDigital SignaturesMeasurement PropertiesDocument Requirements
Multimedia FeaturesDocument Interchange

In addition, the PDF 2.0 FTS contains special files designed to test the additional rendering rules and clarifications specified in the ISO 32000-2 (PDF 2.0) standard. For PDF interoperability testing, take a look at the QualityLogic PDF InteropAnalyzer.

PDF 2.0 FTS Testing Experts

QualityLogic is the recognized expert in PDF testing. We’ve been creating PDF tests for the imaging industry for over 10 years. Now, PDF implementations have grown to include numerous creators and producers on platforms from the desktop to the smartphone, and our PDF 2.0 test suites help ensure that these software applications and mobile apps can handle whatever PDF files deliver. For more information on these and QualityLogic’s other imaging test tools, contact us.

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