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Printer/MFP Performance Testing Tools and Services

PageSense Performance Test Tool for Printers

QualityLogic’s PageSense revolutionizes printer and MFP performance measurement with automated, accurate, standardized testing.

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The Industry Standard for Performance Testing

PageSense 10 supports Windows 10 and the latest applications. Industry publications and leading printer manufacturers use PageSense to automate printer/MFP performance testing and provide directly comparable results between printers. PageSense is the standard, accurate approach to MFP performance testing with support for scan, copy, and fax.

Performance Test Modes for MFP Functions

Print from PageSense

PageSense provides application test files and an automated process for printing and recording time measurements using a sensor unit. Accurate performance data is automatically logged into a database and can be displayed graphically for comparison. Print from PageSense measures the interval from the time the OK button is clicked in the print dialog to the moment the last page enters the printer’s output bin.

Print from Anywhere

This semi-automated test monitors performance from platforms not currently supported by PageSense, such as standalone photo printers, Mac OS® or Linux®. A remote triggering device starts the PageSense timer simultaneously with the remote start of print.


This semi-automated test remotely monitors copy performance. The remote trigger automatically starts the timer when you push the Copy button. The sensor detects output, and PageSense captures and reports performance.


The Fax mode measures the time it takes to print a fax at the MFP. You send the fax to the MFP, and the output is detected via the PageSense sensor. Fax mode uses the remote trigger to start the PageSense timer.


This mode measures the time required to scan a document and send it to the PageSense test PC. PageSense captures time to completion and size of the file. The remote trigger automatically starts the PageSense timer when you manually start the scan to send a file to the MFP. The sensor is not used.

Binary Print Utility (BPU)

BPU prints captured files without the supported applications. PageSense creates and sends captured files directly to the printer, monitoring the amount of data sent and measuring the elapsed time to print the output.

Customizable Scripts

SmartBear TestComplete v11 or v12 runs test scripts that manage print, copy, fax and scan tests. PageSense completely automates printer performance testing from application launch to data logging. PageSense includes test scripts for all test files specified by ISO 24734 and 24735. You can customize TestComplete scripts to perform additional automated tests, such as including your own test files, selecting different printer driver features, and automating driver regression testing.

Performance Test Files

We designed PageSense test files specifically for printer/MFP performance measurement and categorized them as simple, moderate and complex, with extensive use of text formatting, graphics, images, color and multi-page design elements.

PageSense’s ISO 24734/24735 support is based on the 2014 updates of these standards and includes ISO image files. Eight images in three color spaces can be printed using Photoshop, and additional test pages provide you with a complete photo suite.

PageSense Applications

Acrobat XI, DCCorelDRAW! X8QuarkXPress 2015Access 2016
Illustrator CS6, CCExcel 2013, 2016
InDesign CS6, CCInternet Explorer 11, Edge
Photoshop CS6, CCPowerPoint 2013, 2016
Publisher 2013, 2016
Visio 2013, 2016
Word 2013, 2016

Comprehensive Reporting

PageSense uses Microsoft Excel Pivot Tables to provide a wide range of reports that you can easily customize. The software stores all test data in a single worksheet, so creating new reports is a snap. You can easily isolate any performance problems to the driver or the printer, since a spooler monitor reports file size, data transfer rates and elapsed spool time.

PageSense creates ISO 24734/24735-style reports only if the test data meet the ISO criteria. If the criteria are not met, you must repeat the test before an ISO Report can be generated.

Automatic, Accurate Timing

PageSense’s sensing unit detects paper eject events and transmits a time stamp, ensuring accuracy and minimizing system overhead. PageSense supports both external and internal duplexers. Stand-alone sensor support allows you to integrate the sensor into your own software and measure paper sensor events.

Printer/MFP Performance Testing Services

QualityLogic test engineers use their extensive industry experience to provide the best in performance testing services.

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