IEC 61850 Test Tools and QA Services

KEPCO and QualityLogic worked together to make commercial-quality IEC 61850 test tools available to the utility industry. The tools ensure interoperability of substation automation products that communicate using the IEC 61850 standard. QualityLogic is the first worldwide distributor of the KEPCO IEC 61850 test tools.

IEC 61850 Client Conformance Verifier

The IEC 61850 Client Conformance Verifier is an easy-to-use testing tool that lets you execute tests described by the UCA Conformance Test Procedures for Client System with IEC 61850-8-1 Interface specification.

It’s easy to configure the testing tool for the specific device configurations that are required for your testing environment. You can configure the tool with the specific SCL configurations you are using, along with the network information. The Client Verifier is based on a visual diagram test scripting engine, so you can create or modify tests on the fly without writing a single line of code.

The Client Conformance Verifier gives you:

  • Step-by-step guidance for each client test case
  • Automated conformance assessment to speed testing
  • Detailed message exchange information
  • Assurance of successful 61850 Client Certification

Under the IEC 61850 standard, a substation consists of Intelligent Electronic Devices (IEDs), such as relays and switches, that reside on the Process Bus, and command and control client devices to the IEDs, like Human Machine Interfaces, Remote Terminal Units and gateways, which reside on the Station Bus.

The KEPCO/QualityLogic 61850 Client Conformance Verifier addresses conformance testing of 61850 client devices that reside on the Station Bus.

The UCA International Users Group developed Conformance Test Procedures for Client Systems and defined the plan for testing conformance of 61850 client devices. The 61850 Client Conformance Verifier automates the test cases defined by UCA. The categories of tests supported include:

  • Basic Exchange
  • DataSet
  • Setting Group Selection
  • Setting Group Definition
  • Unbuffered Reporting
  • Buffered Reporting
  • Direct Control
  • SBO Control
  • Enhanced Direct Control
  • Enhanced SBO Control
  • Time Sync
  • File Transfer

Client Testing

The IEC 61850 Client Conformance Verifier includes a built-in analyzer that collects the relevant communication packets for a test session. The analyzer presents the captured packets in an easy-to-understand layer, ranging from low-level Link to high-level ACSI. The analyzer helps you analyze the network traffic that was communicated for the particular test session to diagnose any problems.