QualityLogic is proud to be the official OpenADR Test Tools and Training partner of the OpenADR Alliance. QualityLogic designed, developed and maintains the OpenADR Test Harness, and we are intimately familiar with the OpenADR 2.0 specification. Our smart energy experts authored the OpenADR Test Specification and PICS, contributed to the profile specification, and supported the Alliance in the development of the “OpenADR Implementation Guide.”

OpenADR Test Tools & Services

We offer a number of OpenADR test tools and services to help with your OpenADR 2.0 efforts:

OpenADR Fast Track Package

This bundle includes the OpenADR test tools, training, and assistance you are most likely to need during the development process, in a discounted package. This approach eases your financial burden while making each element available when you need it. You can schedule the actual delivery of services and test systems as you need them, over 12 months.

If you are developing with OpenADR, you can leverage the vast knowledge accumulated by QualityLogic to get quick answers to technical questions and keep development projects on track.

The package includes:

  • OpenADR 2.0 Development and Certification Test Harness
  • Training Workshop for OpenADR 2.0
  • OpenADR 2.0 Cloud Test System for VENs
  • Technical/Development Support

OpenADR Certification Test Tool

You can validate your product’s conformance to the OpenADR certification requirements during your development process and prior to submitting your device for certification. The OpenADR Test Tool is exactly the same one used by authorized OpenADR Certification Test Labs worldwide. Each test case in the Certification Test Tool has a defined a set of prerequisites, a test scenario consisting of a sequence of VEN/VTN message exchanges, and an expected result. Execution of a test scenario will result in payload exchanges between the device under test and the Test Harness.  The OpenADR Certification Test Tool performs several forms of analysis on this payload exchange:

  • Message interaction patterns are as expected, including correct response and request payloads
  • Properly formed XML
  • Conformance to OpenADR 2.0 schema
  • Specific conformance rules defined in the OpenADR Profile Specification are followed
  • The intent of the test case is met

The OpenADR 2.0 Demand Response Program Guide suggests OpenADR best practices for VTNs and VENs to help standardize the implementation of specific DR programs. We’ve implemented 16 new DR Guide test cases in the OpenADR Test Harness and you can use these to test specific DR Program designs.

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Cloud Test System for OpenADR VENs

This subscription service provides you with access to a Cloud server implementation of a certified OpenADR Virtual Top Node (VTN). If you are deploying OpenADR-certified products, the Cloud Test gives you an easy, fast way to configure and execute interoperability tests between VEN products and a reference VTN implementation. The Cloud Test lets you develop interoperability tests mirroring specific deployment scenarios that can be run prior to VENs being deployed in the field.

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OpenADR Development Support

Support from our OpenADR experts gives your team access to our in-depth knowledge: they get quick answers to technical questions to keep development projects on track. Implementers get answers to questions that arise about implementation challenges. Don’t lose critical weeks getting up to speed on the technology or the Certification Test Tool. QualityLogic offers combined OpenADR 2 Development and Test Tool Support Contracts that easily pay for themselves in saved time and product development.

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OpenADR Workshops

Choose from two workshops for OpenADR 2.0:

  • OpenADR Developer’s Workshops provide a conceptual and detailed technical understanding of what OpenADR 2.0 is and how it works. Your team will become familiar with OpenADR 2.0 technology; Certification Profiles a and b; the conformance certification program; and the pre-certification tests and tools. The workshop illustrates how OpenADR can automate typical utility DR programs.
  • OpenADR Implementer’s Workshops focus on using OpenADR 2, covering high-level and detailed views of features and functions, and DR program design and deployment issues.

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