Smart Energy Technology Training

Smart energy training courses for OpenADR 2 and IEEE 2030.5 give your team:

  • A conceptual understanding of the standard
  • A technical walk-through to gain practical knowledge
  • Training on QualityLogic test tools
  • Conformance and interoperability testing insights

Smart energy technology training classes are geared for vendors developing products using these emerging standards. Vendors, system integrators or aggregators planning to acquire and use compliant products. And, utilities, ISOs/RTOs, and regulators acquiring or specifying products.

Upcoming Workshops

QualityLogic Webinar: Introduction to IEEE 2030.5
QualityLogic’s Senior Vice President of Engineering hosted a 1-hour webinar: Introduction to IEEE 2030.5. Steve has been involved with IEEE 2030.5 since 2010 and has taught thousands of people around the globe on IEEE 2030.5. He has played a key role in assisting many companies in understanding CSIP requirements, CALSSA Testing Pathway, and Phase 3, Functions 2 and 3, and helping companies on their road to getting certified.

This recorded webinar also includes a 20-minute Q&A session with Steve to help answer some of the basic questions regarding the IEEE 2030.5 protocol.

Available Now

QualityLogic Webinar: Selecting the Right Protocol
A critical issue for utilities planning to integrate DER resources into grid operations is how to manage these resources. A major challenge is designing and implementing an interoperable eco-system of utility management systems (DERMS), aggregators and gateways and end-devices themselves. It would be ideal to create a “plug-and-play” eco-system to speed deployment, lower costs and improve performance of DERs. QualityLogic has been working with the standard grid-edge communications protocols (OpenADR, IEEE 2030.5, IEC 61850, DNP3, etc) for the past 10 years. These standards are a key component in creating the desired eco-system of vendors and products.

As the leading developer of the test tools and training for implementing grid-edge protocols, we have a unique perspective on this challenge and we share that information during this webinar.

Available Now

IEEE 2030.5 Training

We currently offer an IEEE 2030.5 DER Workshop that provides practical and technical understanding to attendees on how to meet the CA Rule 21 IEEE 2030.5 requirements. This workshop will provide attendees with clarity and firm foundation to build, deploy or specify IEEE 2030.5 products for CA Rule 21 requirements.

IEEE 2030.5 DER Workshop

For Those Planning to Meet CA Rule 21 IEEE 2030.5 Requirements

If you are marketing DER Management Systems, DER aggregation systems or services, gateways for smart inverters or certification services for the CA Distributed Energy Resource market, you are probably aware of the CA PUC mandate to certify an IEEE 2030.5 implementation by Q4-2018. That’s not much time to develop a conformant implementation. But you can jump start your efforts with QualityLogic training on development and testing of IEEE 2030.5 server, aggregator and client implementations to meet the CA Rule 21 requirements.

What You Will Learn

• Conceptual and practical understanding of IEEE 2030.5
• Technical walk-through of IEEE 2030.5 and its relationship to CA Rule 21
• Overview of CA Common Smart Inverter Profile for IEEE 2030.5 (CSIP)
• Aggregating DER with IEEE 2030.5
• Certifying IEEE 2030.5 DER servers, devices and aggregator clients
• Introduction to QualityLogic IEEE 2030.5 test tools

This workshop is available as private onsite courses at customer’s facility or offered as public courses on a periodic basis. For a detailed course outline, please refer to this page.

QualityLogic has offered IEEE 2030.5 courses for over three years and have trained significant number of attendees and companies.

Who Should Attend

• Vendors developing IEEE 2030.5 servers, end-device clients, and aggregator clients to meet CA Rule 21 requirements
• Vendors/system integrators/aggregators planning to acquire and use IEEE 2030.5 compliant products for DER communications
• End-user utilities, ISOs/RTOs and regulators specifying IEEE 2030.5 products.

Learn more about the IEEE 2030.5 workshop

OpenADR 2 Smart Energy Technology Training

OpenADR training courses are available for developers or implementers, and as a combined class for both.

OpenADR 2 Developer Workshop

This two-day workshop starts with a backgrounder on the origins of OpenADR, followed by a high-level discussion of all the key aspects of the OpenADR standard, including supported transports and security mechanisms. The class then transitions into a detailed technical discussion of each of the core services provided by OpenADR for A and B profiles.

The workshop includes sessions on the certification test process, the OpenADR Test Harness, demos of live OpenADR implementations, and discussions of how OpenADR is applied to various DR Programs. The workshops typically have a high degree of class participation, providing insights beyond a single student’s perspective.

QualityLogic is the official Test Tool and Training Partner of the OpenADR Alliance.

Workshop Outline

Session 1 – Big Picture
Session 2 – Certification Process
Session 3 – The Event Object
Session 4 – “a” Profile
Session 5 – The Test Harness
Session 6 – “b” Profile
Session 7 – “b” Live Implementation

OpenADR Implementers Workshop

The one-day Implementers Workshop focuses on using OpenADR 2. The workshop covers:

The origins of OpenADR and high-level overview of its features and functions. A detailed look at each OpenADR supported service, including registration, events, reporting, opt, and oadrPoll. Demand Response program design from an OpenADR perspective using the DR program templates and deployment scenarios from the OpenADR Alliance DR Program Guide.

You will leave the class with a solid conceptual understanding of how OpenADR works, a detailed understanding of aspects of OpenADR required to implement a DR Program, and OpenADR best practices.

Flexible Smart Energy Technology Training

Workshops can be conducted on-site or near-site for members of your organization. The private format enables an open dialog about company issues and allows your team to derive maximum value from the expert instruction and resources in a confidential setting.

Periodic public workshops are also offered. Contact us to schedule a workshop for your organization or to find out about upcoming public workshops.

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