How We Test VR/AR Applications

QualityLogic works closely with you to determine the scope of work, deliverables and timeline. All work is done in the U.S. to avoid time zone, language, and cultural barriers. We define milestones and clear deliverables in an expert solution that is tailored to your operation:

  • We built our team with folks who are less sensitive to VR sickness so you get the testing you need, when you need it
  • We have a team of VR/AR specific test case writers to maximize the effectiveness of our testers
  • Our protected VR testing station allows our engineers and testers move without fear of being hurt
  • We test on the latest hardware or your own equipment if you prefer
  • Coordinate our efforts with your agile development process to optimize release velocity
virtual reality headset

"Thanks for your partnership in doing the testing. I appreciate and trust your guidance in how ready/tested you feel each build is. I rely on your expertise in this area. Thanks again for helping us achieve all of the release milestones we have in front of us."

Product Manager, VR Content Creation Company

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Managed QA Services Case Study

QA Staff Augmentation

QualityLogic worked with this educational children’s toy company to augment their QA staff with expert, flexible QA resources while they migrated from a hosted eCommerce solution to a site they developed and hosted, with the addition of customized mobile apps.

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