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GridEdge Intelligence Launch

QualityLogic has created a brand new information platform to assist leaders in the smart energy industry make sense out of the DER chaos: GridEdge Intelligence. This new platform fills the information gap for leaders looking for up-to-date, reliable, and actionable information on DER application protocols.

Making Sense of DER Chaos

The starting point for any protocol investigation is to understand the big picture. Who creates and manages the protocol? When and why was it created? Where can you get a copy? Is there an industry alliance implementing and certifying it? What is the protocol’s purpose, design, application focus? Who is adopting it?

The need for this information is more important than ever. That’s why we created a single source of information to answer those questions for the DER protocol landscape: GridEdge Intelligence.

QualityLogic created this service because the incorporation of grid edge devices, loads, and DERs into grid operations is driving the industry to solve the grid edge interoperability challenge, a critical factor in achieving the smart grid vision. This challenge is only increasing as the scope and scale of DER resources grow. The smart energy industry is stepping up to the problem, but in a chaotic, marginally coordinated way. A missing element is an up-to-date, reliable, and actionable information resource on the application protocols themselves – from a creditable source.

GridEdge Intelligence fills the gap by assembling comprehensive information and analysis on covered DER protocols. The information includes: who is adopting the protocol and for what applications; what are the mandates driving adoption; who owns, manages, and certifies implementations of the standard; where is technical training available; and what help is there for developers.

This new subscription-based service provides:

  • Relevant webinars and links to more detailed protocol training
  • Information on who is adopting which protocol – and why
  • Help for developers
  • Who owns and manages protocol certification programs

GridEdge Intelligence and QualityLogic recruited leading experts in the business and technology of grid edge protocols as Advisory Board members. Some of the initial members include:

  • Andrew West, Regional Technical Director, SUBNET Solutions
  • Ben Ealey, Principal, Grid Integration, Smart Electric Power Alliance
  • Bill Colavecchio, Sr Business Development Manager, Energy & Power Div, UL LLC
  • Chris Knudsen, President & CTO, CK Knudsen & Associates
  • Daniel Coran, Editor, Smart Grid Observer
  • Ed Eckert, Director, Strategic Industry Standards, Itron
  • Mike Bourton, EVP of Business Development, Kitu Systems
  • Rolf Bienert, Managing Director, OpenADR Alliance
  • Rich Scholer, Manager, Charging Systems, Fiat Crysler
  • Stuart McCafferty, Founder and President, GridIntellect
  • Tom Tansey, Executive Director, SunSpec Alliance

To learn more and to become a founding subscriber, visit, read the full press release announcing this new service, or listen to our recent webinar which previews the new service.

I’m looking forward to personally learn from this new service in addition to helping guide its development.
Richard Scholer, Chrysler

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