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Making Sense of DER Chaos: QualityLogic Creates a New Information Platform for the Smart Energy Industry

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(Boise, ID – October 21, 2020):  QualityLogic, a leader in enabling interoperable smart grids, today announced the preview of a new industry service. GridEdge Intelligence is being created by QualityLogic for the industry leaders who are investigating, developing, or deploying one or more of the standard application protocols designed for communications with DERs and Loads at the grid edge:

  • Distributed solar
  • Distributed storage
  • Electric vehicles as loads and energy resources
  • MicroGrids
  • Manageable loads

The subscription-based service aims to collect everything necessary on covered protocols to facilitate selection, implementation, and deployment of an interoperable, standards-based communications infrastructure and products for the smart grid of the future.

QualityLogic is creating this service because the incorporation of grid edge devices, loads, and DERs into grid operations is driving the industry to solve the grid edge interoperability challenge, a critical factor in achieving the smart grid vision. This challenge is only increasing as the scope and scale of DER resources grows. The smart energy industry is stepping up to the problem, but in a chaotic, marginally coordinated way. A missing element is an up-to-date, reliable, and actionable information resource on the application protocols themselves – from a creditable source.

GridEdge Intelligence will fill the gap by assembling comprehensive Information and analysis on covered DER protocols. The information will include: who is adopting the protocol and for what applications; what are the mandates driving adoption; who owns, manages, and certifies implementations of the standard; where is technical training available; and what help is there for developers.

The initial DER protocols planned for coverage include IEEE 2030.5, OpenADR, IEC 61850, DNP3, IEEE 1547, and SunSpec. Other grid edge protocols will be added based on subscriber interest and input. The service is scheduled to launch with a single protocol in November and expand to 6 covered protocols in the first quarter of 2021.

QualityLogic is an ideal organization to create this service. It is respected for its expertise, training, and test tools in smart grid interoperability with specific expertise in four key grid edge protocols: OpenADR, IEEE 2030.5, IEEE 1547, and IEC 61850. QualityLogic also understands and contributes to the business and technology of protocol testing and certification and protocol adoption.

“The company has a strategic interest in advancing grid edge standard protocol adoption and has strong relationships with utilities, regulators, researchers, vendors, ISOs, alliances, and governments around the world,” stated James Mater, QualityLogic co-founder and general manager of the company’s smart grid division.

GridEdge Intelligence has started to recruit leading experts in the business and technology of grid edge protocols as Advisory Board members. Some of the initial members include Bill Colavecchio, UL; Tom Tansy, SunSpec Alliance; Rolf Bienert, OpenADR Alliance; Chris Knudsen, CK Knudsen & Associates; Mike Bourton, Kitu Systems; and Rich Scholer, Chrysler.

A promotional website provides more detail on the planned service. Interested executives, managers, engineers, and others can sign up for news updates or a discounted annual subscription at

About QualityLogic
QualityLogic’s interoperability experts help clients understand, create, validate, and certify interoperable smart energy products. The company developed the industry’s first IEEE 2030.5 test tools and testing services for smart energy vendors to ensure interoperability and conformance to the specification. QualityLogic is the technical partner to the OpenADR Alliance, developing and maintaining the official Certification Test Harness. The QualityLogic IEEE 2030.5 Test System provides both a protocol conformance test system (Functional Test Suite or FTS) and interoperability test system (Ad Hoc) for IEEE 2030.5 clients and servers. The company also offers leading-edge training for developers and implementers of OpenADR and IEEE 2030.5 technology.