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IEEE 2030.5 Conformance Tested Products

Formal conformance testing of IEEE 2030.5 (also known as SEP 2) implementations is a rigorous industry effort to ensure interoperability of IEEE 2030.5 implementations.

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The conformance assessment testing uses QualityLogic’s IEEE 2030.5 test tools, approved by the Consortium for Smart Energy Profile 2.0 Interoperability (CSEP), along with a QualityLogic designed testing process. The testing is done by UL and Telecommunications Technology Association of Korea (TTA) under agreements with QualityLogic. Under the agreements, the labs conduct the formal testing process using the QualityLogic IEEE 2030.5 Conformance Test Program and test tools, and QualityLogic maintains this online list of successfully tested IEEE 2030.5 products with detailed test reports.

Successfully Tested IEEE 2030.5 Products and
Contact: Charlie Botsford (626) 357-9983 x351
Product Tested: EVSE-RS Version 1.0 Client or Server: Client
Date of Testing: 2015-12-18
Test Lab: UL
Test Report:IEEE2030-5-Conformance-Report-AeroVironment-EVSE-RS-1.pdf
Contact: Jae-Jo Lee +82-31-8040-4124
Product Tested: SEP2 DRLC System V1.0
Client or Server: Client
Date of Testing: 2016-04-27
Test Lab: TTA
Test Report:TTA-N-16-0272-TR00.pdf
Contact: Mike Bourton (619) 569-2190
Product Tested: R-PI Client V1.0
Client or Server: Client
Date of Testing: 2015-12-18
Test Lab: UL
Test Report:IEEE-2030-5-Conformance-Report-Kitu-System-Raspberry-Pie-Client.pdf

Contact: Sung Ki Won, Kim Jun Hyeong, Kim Ki Man +82-10-9123-4767
HyeongProduct Tested: SmartEMS  1.0
Client or Server: Client
Date of Testing: 2017-04-13
Test Lab: TTA
Test Report:IEEE-2030-5-Conformance-Report-TIS-SmartEMS_1-0.pdf
Contact: Sangpil Park +82-10-2600-6580
Product Tested: LK-A03 (Smart meter modem)
Client or Server: Server Date of Testing: 2016-05-30
Test Lab: TTA
Test Report:TTA-N-16-0396-TR00.pdf
Contact: Lee Sanghak +82-10-5479-1776
Product Tested: In Home Display (Home Energy Management System
Client or Server: Client
Date of Testing: 2016-07-20
Test Lab: TTA
Test Report:TTA-N-16-0280-TR00.pdf

Contact: Yu Chul Kim +82-31-400-3875
Product Tested: UNEST2000 V1
Client or Server: Server
Date of Testing: 2016-10-17
Test Lab: TTA
Test Report:IEEE-2030-5-Conformance-Report-Nestfield_UNEST2000.pdf
Contact: Wooyeol Kim +82-31-8023-5678
Product Tested: GAENGT01RA
Client or Server: Client
Date of Testing: 2016-05-19
Test Lab: TTA
Test Report:TTA-N-16-0327-TR00.pdf

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