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7 Reasons You Should Choose QualityLogic’s Software Testing Services over the Competition

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Choosing a testing services company is one of the most vital decisions you make when you’re focused on developing first-rate software systems. It’s a decision that impacts many facets of your software development cycle, brand equity, and bottom line. 

Software testing is so critical. Millions of dollars have been lost due to software malfunctions. Remember the Equifax social security hack? Hackers exploited a bug that was a known web framework weakness. A patch had been available for about two months before hackers entered Equifax’s network. That hack resulted in 143 million stolen consumer records. Situations like this could be avoided by entrusting the testing of such systems to industry leaders, like QualityLogic.

In the spirit of the field of engineering, let’s be scientific, as we explore the reasons you should choose our company over the competition. First, we’ll explore the key criteria for choosing a software testing services company, and then, we’ll look at how our company measures up. 

So, let’s begin the “test.” Shall we? 

7 Factors to Consider in Choosing a Software Testing Services Company 

They include:

  1. Capacity and reputation 
  2. Service-level agreements
  3. Security and protection of intellectual property
  4. Communication, location, language, and time zone
  5. Engagement models
  6. Customization
  7. Cost savings

1. Capacity and Reputation

One could argue that capacity and reputation are the most fundamental criteria. Does the company you’re considering have the knowledge, skills, tools and experience to prove they can deliver? Can they truly walk their talk?  

Our company was founded in 1986 (a little over 32 years ago). That’s 32 years of testing experience! Over this period, we’ve worked with industry leaders and awesome start-ups and have built a knowledge base that’s rare, which we leverage in all our engagements. We have also developed some of the best testing tools in the industry. Our tools “are the de facto and official standards for verifying interoperability and conformance and formal certification testing in many industries.” 

Our core services include mobile & web application testing,  test automation,  API testing, and big data testing. Over the last three decades, we have perfected our process, so you can be sure you’re being offered the best testing services in the industry. Lastly, we have strategic alliances with some of the best brands in the IT and testing industry, this gives us the resource depth to confidently work on the most demanding projects. 

2. Service Level Agreement

The best brands leverage Service Level Agreements. They’re a contract that clearly delineates the deliverables a client expects from a service provider. It’s a smart way to go to ensure that just like the systems being tested; the testing project itself meets expectations. The following are key facets of a standard service level agreement. 

  • Detailed and lucid description of the service to be provided 
  • Reliability of the service 
  • Monitoring and reporting responsibility and metrics 
  • Procedure for reporting and dealing with problems 
  • Guarantees and warranties 
  • Consequences for not meeting deliverables 
  • Escape Clauses 

Our service level agreements contain all that and more. 

Having successfully completed hundredsof testing projects, we are confident we’d make yours a cost-effective, operationally successful project. Naturally, all our projects start with consultative calls and extensive meetings which enable us to draw up service level agreements with all our clients. These agreements are invaluable to the success of our projects. Be wary of testing companies that are sketchy on deliverables and the related imperatives.

3. Security and Protection of Intellectual Property

We have three world-class laboratories and seasoned testers and engineers who work with security and intellectual property protection as a priority on their minds. Security is integral to our processes to ensure the highest quality testing services.  

We have strict protocols that ensure that clients’ assets are hacker-proof and that they’re not copied, even by authorized personnel. We have information security standards and policies that undergird our work. We use cutting edge technology within our testing services to enforce the security of all our work. The confidence that their intellectual property is safe with us is one of the reasons we’re able to have industry leaders (such as Adobe, Hewlett Packard, and Microsoft) as clients. 

4. Communication and Location

We work as partners with our clients. The truth is that our passion is ensuring your products excel in your markets. We ensure regular, in-depth communication on all critical facets of ongoing software testing projects. Having both parties aligned early and throughout the project assures collective success.

QualityLogic has offices exclusively located in the United States so we can be available when you are. Call us on the phone, send us an email, or Slack us. We’ll answer in minutes, not hours. We know that there are periods when time is of the essence, when issues must be quickly resolved, that is why we make sure you can always reach us.

5. Engagement Model

When it comes to our testing services, we are flexible in terms of the engagement model you’d like. Our solutions are scalable. Having worked successfully on hundreds of projects, we can advise on the ideal model. Naturally, you will decide on whether you’d like an incremental outsourcing model, where you outsource only parts of the project, or a total outsourcing model, where you’d want us to handle all facets of the project. By the time we’ve had a few consultative meetings, we’d be able to advise on what’s best. Would you like us to augment your in-house team? Or would you want a dedicated team focused on your projects? You’re in control at every phase of the project. 

6. Customization

There are key commonalities to many projects. After all, there are industry standards, best practices, and client methodologies/procedures we leverage. The reality is that each project is also unique and for the testing service to be successful there’s a need to pay attention to these peculiarities. We do not slap a one-size-fits-all solution on your project. We design solutions that work for you and your business.

7. Cost Saving

The cost of software testing services can be quite substantial, depending on the testing company you use. Testing is an extensive, painstaking process. If you’re not dealing with an expert testing service, the cost can quickly add up.

We have world-class labs. We also developed some of the testing tools that have become industry standards and over three decades we’ve mastered the economics of testing and ours is one of the most cost-effective solutions in the market. Our approach is an integration of different test approaches, such as functional test, test automation, test tools and utilities to improve efficiency and cost performance. And, because you’d be dealing with the industry leader, there are no hidden charges; we only bill you when actual testing is being done. As a business ourselves, we know the impact of cost savings on your bottom line and work hard to optimize our testing processes.

Final Thoughts

We’ve explored some of the reasons why some of the best brands in the world rely on QualityLogic’s testing services. As you are aware, not all testing companies are created equal. We know you and your business deserve the best, and that’s why we want you to let us take care of you. 

We’ve been in business for over 30 years providing best-in-class testing services that cover a huge array of software applications, systems, and technologies. Our software testing services are flexible and scalable while being cost-effective. With our offices located in the United States you can rest assured that we can work together seamlessly without the constraints of language, and time-zones. Nothing is going to be lost in translation. We literally speak your language. In fact, you can come and say hello, at any time. 

We have helped in providing quality assurance services for hundreds of world-class brands. We’d be honored to add your company to our client list. 

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Gary James, President/CEO

Over the last 35+ years, Gary James, the co-founder and president/CEO of QualityLogic, has built QualityLogic into one of the leading providers of software testing, digital accessibility solutions, QA consulting and training, and smart energy testing.

Gary began his QA journey as an engineer in the 1970s, eventually becoming the director of QA in charge of systems and strategies across the international organization. That trajectory provided the deep knowledge of quality and process development that has served as a critical foundation for building QualityLogic into one of the best software testing companies in the world.

In addition to leading the company’s growth, Gary shares his extensive expertise in Quality Assurance, Software Testing, Digital Accessibility, and Leadership through various content channels. He regularly contributes to blogs, hosts webinars, writes articles, and more on the QualityLogic platforms.