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A Smart Alliance: QualityLogic + SunSpec Alliance Partner to Expand the Testing and Certification of Smart Energy Resources

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• QualityLogic, Inc: Top 10 leader in software application testing tools and services
• SunSpec Alliance: An alliance of over 100 solar and storage distributed energy industry participants

(Boise, ID – April 28, 2020): The SunSpec Alliance and QualityLogic, Inc., two of the leading players in advancing the integration of distributed energy resources into distribution utility operations, today announced the approval of QualityLogic, Inc., as the first SunSpec Authorized Test Software Provider. QualityLogic, an industry leader in software testing tools and services, has been working closely with SunSpec on its CA Rule 21 CSIP certification program since 2018.

The SunSpec Authorized Test Software Provider (ATSP) program is the latest addition to SunSpec’s expanding capabilities to define, develop and execute standards to ensure the interoperability of DER resource communications throughout the globe. The new program is a companion to the SunSpec Authorized Test Labs (ATL) program and continues to build the ecosystem of companies enabling the rapid adoption of distributed solar, storage and electric vehicle resources as grid-connected assets.

Recognized by Clutch, a leading B2B ratings and reviews platform, as a top tier software testing company, QualityLogic has been developing test tools for over three decades and is a proven partner in the Smart Energy sector. In 2018, QualityLogic became a key partner in developing the SunSpec CSIP test specification. The QualityLogic IEEE 2030.5 test tools were the first to implement the SunSpec CSIP CA Rule 21 IEEE 2030.5 test specification and are currently being used by leading test labs and vendors around the world.

“I’m excited about the partnership coming to fruition in an official capacity and eager to begin leveraging our shared vision. Having been the first to develop IEEE 2030.5 test tools almost a decade ago, you might say QualityLogic was a “logical” partner for us. Our initial collaboration began in 2018 with work that has proven to be invaluable.” — Tom Tansy, chairman of the SunSpec Alliance

“We are thrilled with the announcement and excited to team up in an official capacity with a recognized leader in the smart energy sector. We will continue our efforts in the compliance testing of SunSpec Smart Grid Standards by offering tools and services for CSIP and future IEEE 2030.5 certification requirements. We are very much looking forward to a lasting relationship with the SunSpec Alliance.” — James Mater, QL Co-Founder, and Smart Grid Business Manager

In an emerging market like Smart Energy DER integration, early products set expectations — positive or negative. Product compliance with relevant standards is critical, and even more vital is ensuring that smart grid systems interoperate seamlessly with a variety of different products. A partnership like this enables industry participants to create, validate, and certify the successful integration of Smart Energy products.

About QualityLogic, Inc.
QualityLogic’s interoperability experts help clients understand, create, validate, and certify interoperable smart energy products. The company developed the industry’s first IEEE 2030.5 test tools and testing services for smart energy vendors to ensure interoperability and conformance to the specification. The QualityLogic IEEE 2030.5 Test System provides both a protocol conformance test system (Functional Test Suite or FTS) and interoperability test system (Ad Hoc) for IEEE 2030.5 clients and servers. The IEEE 2030.5 Test System is built to help with certification in CA Rule 21/CSIP compliance. Additionally, the system can test other Smart Energy functions including, pricing, demand response, energy flow reservation, as well as messaging, and metering.

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About the SunSpec Alliance
The SunSpec Alliance is an alliance of more than 100 solar and storage distributed energy industry participants, together pursuing information standards to enable “plug & play” system interoperability. SunSpec standards address operational aspects of solar PV power and energy storage plants on the smart grid—including residential, commercial, and utility-scale systems—thus reducing cost, promoting technology innovation, and accelerating industry growth.

SunSpec Authorized Test Software Providers (ATSP) offer test software and services to support the implementation of protocols named in the IEEE 1547-2018 standard: IEEE 2030.5, IEEE 1815 (DNP3), and SunSpec Modbus. As a SunSpec ATSP, companies are able to market and sell tools for the development and testing of new products in a rapidly growing industry. Gaining priority access to the SunSpec ecosystem of manufacturers, SunSpec ATSPs benefit from joint marketing efforts as well as opportunities to participate in SunSpec Alliance Member activities such as workgroups, training sessions, and one-on-one support meetings.

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