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Free Webinar: Expedite UL 1741 SB Certification with QualityLogic

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Learn How to Accelerate UL 1741 SB Certification with QualityLogic’s IEEE 1547 Test Tool

March 28, 2024

Discover the most trusted solution for UL 1741SB testing that OEMs and NRTLs rely on: QualityLogic’s IEEE 1547 Certification Test Tool and technical support. And now, with our new automated data analysis feature, you can bypass the tedious manual data analysis, ensuring a faster, more accurate certification process.

Why Watch this Webinar?

  • Learn Directly from the Experts: Get insights into how QualityLogic’s test tool and its automated analysis streamline the certification workflow.
  • See the Tool in Action: We’ll demonstrate the tool’s capabilities and the new automated feature that compares DER behavior against IEEE 1547 standards.
  • Explore Key Features: Understand the industry-leading features that make QualityLogic’s test tool, technical support, and services indispensable for OEMs.

QualityLogic’s test tool and technical support have been pivotal in helping many OEMs successfully navigate NRTL-based certification. With the addition of automated data analysis, the path to certification is clearer and more straightforward.

“QualityLogic enabled Tesla to be one of the first companies with certified UL 1741 SB equipment. We used the complete family of 1547.1 test tools along with QualityLogic support to do the Interoperability, Type testing, and manage the lab test equipment.” 

Tesla Power Systems

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to simplify your certification journey. Watch the webinar replay now and find out how our 1547.1 test product and its innovative features can expedite your certification process with minimal complications.

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To view the replay, simply complete the following form, and you’ll be taken to the recorded session and materials.