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Webinar: Confused About Standardizing V2G? You’re Not Alone!

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How Can V2G Co-Exist with the Mandated Charging Infrastructure?

May 4, 2023

Our December 2022 V2G webinar focused on helping the utility industry understand the value of V2G, while also helping the EV industry understand the importance of grid codes to utilities – i.e. IEEE 1547. Since then, we’ve been working to understand how the US and California mandates for using ISO 15118 and OCPP for the EV Charging Infrastructure will impede or speed V2G.

Our May 2023 webinar provides an overview of charging and V2G use cases, along with their emerging standards. We share what we’ve been learning about the opportunities to move forward with standardization of V2G in the developing charging infrastructure.

To view the replay, simply complete the following form, and you’ll be taken to the recorded session and materials. We’ll also email you a link to the video replay, a PDF of the presentation, and a handout of the questions and answers from the webinar.