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Free Webinar: CCS Analyzer V1.0 Release & Demo

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CCS Analyzer to Accelerate Diagnosing EV Charging Interoperability Issues

February 20, 2024

We’re excited to announce a huge breakthrough in improving EV charging technology: QualityLogic’s CCS Analyzer. This new product analyzes the Combined Charging System (CCS) traffic between the EV and the EVSE and identifies anomalies that cause failed charging sessions. Identifying these issues is critical solve a major challenge slowing down EV adoption – i.e., charging session failures. 

Early demos of the beta version have received an enthusiastic response, so we’re pleased to be releasing V1.0 of the product! As part of the release, we hosted a free one-hour webinar to provide background on the CCS Analyzer and demonstrate its features and value.

To view the replay, simply complete the following form, and you’ll be taken to the recorded session and materials.