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First Test Suite to Implement the CA Rule 21 CSIP Test Specification Released

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QualityLogic, a leading developer of interoperability test tools for the smart grid industry, today announced the release of a new DER Version of its IEEE 2030.5 certification and interoperability test tools. Version 3.1 shipped on March 30 and includes:

1. Certification tests for Distributed Energy Resources – e.g., Solar, Storage and EVs in a V2G application based on the most recent IEEE 2030.5 standard
2. Support for testing the Common Smart Inverter Profile IEEE 2030.5. The tools are designed to support the CA Rule 21 certification program developed by SunSpec.

IEEE 2030.5 is the internationally adopted standard for providing secure encrypted smart grid communications from energy management systems to end users and devices. It has been adopted as the default mandatory interface standard in California Interconnection Rule 21 which defines communications between utilities and “smart” inverters.

QualityLogic test tools are the industry standard for automating certification and interoperability of IEEE 2030.5 products. They are the first test tools to implement the CA Rule 21 CSIP Test Specification developed by the SunSpec Alliance. The SunSpec tests cover Communications basics (7 tests); Core Functions such as group management and metering (22 tests); Basic Function Tests such as inverter control tests (24 tests); Utility Aggregator tests such aggregator commissioning and event tests (16 tests); and Error Handling and Maintenance tests (8 tests).

The new QualityLogic IEEE 2030.5 Functional Test Suite V3 includes both Client and Server testers to validate conformance to CA Rule 21 CSIP. The user interface allows testers to select one or more of the tests to be run, see the results in real-time, understand any conformance issues, and drill down into the detailed IEEE 2030.5 message exchanges.

“QualityLogic has been a key contributor to the SunSpec CA Rule 21 CSIP Test Specification, Common Smart Inverter Profile Implementation Guide for IEEE 2030.5, and the Interoperability Test Plan for IEEE 1547.1. The DER update of our test tools supports all of the requirements and specific DER tests in the SunSpec program.” said Steve Kang, VP of Engineering at QualityLogic. “These tools will significantly help the industry in testing their systems to ensure compliance to the certification requirements.”

About QualityLogic
QualityLogic designs, develops, and sells smart grid test tools, training and support services, as well as advanced testing and consulting services. The Company has been delivering IEEE 2030.5 (SEP 2) conformance and interoperability test tools worldwide since 2012. QualityLogic also develops, supports, and maintains the official conformance and interoperability test tool for OpenADR compliant products, and offers test and certification program consulting and services for Smart Energy technologies and web and mobile applications. QualityLogic is an active participant in Smart Grid standards activities and conferences.